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Conversations about AI, science, technology, history, philosophy and the nature of intelligence, consciousness, love, and power. Formerly called the Artificial Intelligence (AI) podcast. Lex is an AI researcher at MIT and beyond.


#121 – Eugenia Kuyda: Friendship with an AI Companion

Sep 5, 2020
181 min
Eugenia Kuyda co-founder of Replika, an AI companion. Please check out our sponsors to get a discount and to support this podcast: – Dollar Shave Club: https://dollarshaveclub.com/lex – DoorDash: download app & use code LEX –...
Sep 5, 2020 • 181 MIN

#115 – Dileep George: Brain-Inspired AI

Aug 14, 2020
130 min
Dileep George is a researcher at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence, co-founder of Vicarious, formerly co-founder of Numenta. From the early work on Hierarchical temporal memory to Recursive Cortical Networks to today,...
Aug 14, 2020 • 130 MIN

#114 – Russ Tedrake: Underactuated Robotics, Control, Dynamics and Touch

Aug 9, 2020
169 min
Russ Tedrake is a roboticist and professor at MIT and vice president of robotics research at TRI. He works on control of robots in interesting, complicated, underactuated, stochastic, difficult to model situations. Support this podcast by...
Aug 9, 2020 • 169 MIN

#108 – Sergey Levine: Robotics and Machine Learning

Jul 14, 2020
97 min
Sergey Levine is a professor at Berkeley and a world-class researcher in deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and computer vision, including the development of algorithms for end-to-end training of neural network policies that combine...
Jul 14, 2020 • 97 MIN

#106 – Matt Botvinick: Neuroscience, Psychology, and AI at DeepMind

Jul 3, 2020
120 min
Matt Botvinick is the Director of Neuroscience Research at DeepMind. He is a brilliant cross-disciplinary mind navigating effortlessly between cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. Support this podcast by...
Jul 3, 2020 • 120 MIN

#104 – David Patterson: Computer Architecture and Data Storage

Jun 27, 2020
59 min
David Patterson is a Turing award winner and professor of computer science at Berkeley. He is known for pioneering contributions to RISC processor architecture used by 99% of new chips today and for co-creating RAID storage. The impact that these...
Jun 27, 2020 • 59 MIN

#102 – Steven Pressfield: The War of Art

Jun 20, 2020
87 min
Steven Pressfield is a historian and author of War of Art, a book that had a big impact on my life and the life of millions of whose passion is to create in art, science, business, sport, and everywhere else. I highly recommend it and others of his...
Jun 20, 2020 • 87 MIN

#100 – Alexander Fridman: My Dad, the Plasma Physicist

Jun 3, 2020
29 min
Alexander Fridman is a professor at Drexel University and the director of the Nyheim Plasma Institute. He is one of the top plasma physicists and plasma chemists in the world. And most importantly to me, he is my dad. Support this podcast by...
Jun 3, 2020 • 29 MIN

#99 – Karl Friston: Neuroscience and the Free Energy Principle

May 28, 2020
89 min
Karl Friston is one of the greatest neuroscientists in history, cited over 245,000 times, known for many influential ideas in brain imaging, neuroscience, and theoretical neurobiology, including the fascinating idea of the free-energy principle for...
May 28, 2020 • 89 MIN

#98 – Kate Darling: Emotional Connection Between Humans and Robots

May 23, 2020
73 min
Kate Darling is a researcher at MIT, interested in social robotics, robot ethics, and generally how technology intersects with society. She explores the emotional connection between human beings and life-like machines, which for me, is one of the...
May 23, 2020 • 73 MIN

#97 – Sertac Karaman: Robots That Fly and Robots That Drive

May 20, 2020
83 min
Sertac Karaman is a professor at MIT, co-founder of the autonomous vehicle company Optimus Ride, and is one of top roboticists in the world, including robots that drive and robots that fly. Support this podcast by signing up with these sponsors: –...
May 20, 2020 • 83 MIN

#96 – Stephen Schwarzman: Going Big in Business, Investing, and AI

May 15, 2020
70 min
Stephen Schwarzman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone, one of the world’s leading investment firms with over 530 billion dollars of assets under management. He is one of the most successful business leaders in history, all from humble...
May 15, 2020 • 70 MIN

#95 – Dawn Song: Adversarial Machine Learning and Computer Security

May 12, 2020
63 min
Dawn Song is a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley with research interests in security, most recently with a focus on the intersection between computer security and machine learning. Support this podcast by signing up with these...
May 12, 2020 • 63 MIN

#94 – Ilya Sutskever: Deep Learning

May 8, 2020
97 min
Ilya Sutskever is the co-founder of OpenAI, is one of the most cited computer scientist in history with over 165,000 citations, and to me, is one of the most brilliant and insightful minds ever in the field of deep learning. There are very few...
May 8, 2020 • 97 MIN

#93 – Daphne Koller: Biomedicine and Machine Learning

May 5, 2020
72 min
Daphne Koller is a professor of computer science at Stanford University, a co-founder of Coursera with Andrew Ng and Founder and CEO of insitro, a company at the intersection of machine learning and biomedicine. Support this podcast by signing up...
May 5, 2020 • 72 MIN

#92 – Harry Cliff: Particle Physics and the Large Hadron Collider

Apr 29, 2020
98 min
Harry Cliff is a particle physicist at the University of Cambridge working on the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment that specializes in searching for hints of new particles and forces by studying a type of particle called the “beauty...
Apr 29, 2020 • 98 MIN

#91 – Jack Dorsey: Square, Cryptocurrency, and Artificial Intelligence

Apr 24, 2020
51 min
Jack Dorsey is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter and the founder and CEO of Square. Support this podcast by signing up with these sponsors: – MasterClass: https://masterclass.com/lex EPISODE LINKS: Jack’s Twitter:...
Apr 24, 2020 • 51 MIN

#90 – Dmitry Korkin: Computational Biology of Coronavirus

Apr 22, 2020
129 min
Dmitry Korkin is a professor of bioinformatics and computational biology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he specializes in bioinformatics of complex disease, computational genomics, systems biology, and biomedical data analytics. I came...
Apr 22, 2020 • 129 MIN

#89 – Stephen Wolfram: Cellular Automata, Computation, and Physics

Apr 18, 2020
191 min
Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist, mathematician, and theoretical physicist who is the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research, a company behind Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram Language, and the new Wolfram Physics project. He is the author...
Apr 18, 2020 • 191 MIN

#88 – Eric Weinstein: Geometric Unity and the Call for New Ideas, Leaders & Institutions

Apr 13, 2020
167 min
Eric Weinstein is a mathematician with a bold and piercing intelligence, unafraid to explore the biggest questions in the universe and shine a light on the darkest corners of our society. He is the host of The Portal podcast, a part of which, he...
Apr 13, 2020 • 167 MIN

#87 – Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Intelligence, Simulation, and Memes

Apr 9, 2020
67 min
Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist, and author of The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, The God Delusion, The Magic of Reality, The Greatest Show on Earth, and his latest Outgrowing God. He is the originator and popularizer of a lot of...
Apr 9, 2020 • 67 MIN

#86 – David Silver: AlphaGo, AlphaZero, and Deep Reinforcement Learning

Apr 3, 2020
108 min
David Silver leads the reinforcement learning research group at DeepMind and was lead researcher on AlphaGo, AlphaZero and co-lead on AlphaStar, and MuZero and lot of important work in reinforcement learning. Support this podcast by signing up...
Apr 3, 2020 • 108 MIN

#85 – Roger Penrose: Physics of Consciousness and the Infinite Universe

Mar 31, 2020
88 min
Roger Penrose is physicist, mathematician, and philosopher at University of Oxford. He has made fundamental contributions in many disciplines from the mathematical physics of general relativity and cosmology to the limitations of a computational...
Mar 31, 2020 • 88 MIN

Jim Keller: Moore’s Law, Microprocessors, Abstractions, and First Principles

Feb 5, 2020
95 min
Jim Keller is a legendary microprocessor engineer, having worked at AMD, Apple, Tesla, and now Intel. He’s known for his work on the AMD K7, K8, K12 and Zen microarchitectures, Apple A4, A5 processors, and co-author of the specifications for the...
Feb 5, 2020 • 95 MIN

Whitney Cummings: Comedy, Robotics, Neurology, and Love

Dec 5, 2019
77 min
Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, director, and the host of a new podcast called Good for You. Her most recent Netflix special called “Can I Touch It?” features in part a robot, she affectionately named...
Dec 5, 2019 • 77 MIN

Greg Brockman: OpenAI and AGI

Apr 3, 2019
85 min
Greg Brockman is the Co-Founder and CTO of OpenAI, a research organization developing ideas in AI that lead eventually to a safe & friendly artificial general intelligence that benefits and empowers humanity. Video version is available on YouTube....
Apr 3, 2019 • 85 MIN