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Imagineer Podcast - Episode 70 - Festival of the Lion King

Mar 7, 2020
51 min
Festival of the Lion King was an opening day attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom when it opened at Walt Disney World on April 22, 1998. Throughout the last 22 years, the show hasn't changed much (other than a location change from Camp...
Mar 7, 2020 • 51 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Episode 69 - "Yehaa" Bob Jackson Interview

Feb 22, 2020
50 min
"Yehaa" Bob Jackson is a Disney Legacy Cast Member who has been performing at the River Roost Lounge at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort for more than 23 years (dating back to the days when the resort was known as Disney's Dixie Landings...
Feb 22, 2020 • 50 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Episode 68 - Hall of Presidents

Feb 15, 2020
54 min
The Hall of Presidents was an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World (opening day was October 1, 1971), but its history goes all the way back to Walt Disney and his team of WED Enterprise Imagineers in 1957. In addition to...
Feb 15, 2020 • 54 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Episode 67 - Bob Gurr Interview

Feb 8, 2020
95 min
Bob Gurr's career is one many Disney fans know well. After being hired by Walt Disney to join WED Enterprises in 1954, Bob went on to build vehicles, ride systems, and other designs for a wide range of classic Disneyland and Walt Disney World...
Feb 8, 2020 • 95 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Episode 66 - Rise of the Resistance

Jan 25, 2020
82 min
"Execute order 66!" For Emperor Palpatine that might mean one thing, but for Imagineer Podcast it means it's time to discuss Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This innovative attraction opened in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood...
Jan 25, 2020 • 82 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Episode 65 - Disney Plus Top 10

Jan 11, 2020
108 min
Disney Plus launched this November and has already delighted millions of fans with countless on-demand movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Fox. With so much to choose from, I gathered together a few...
Jan 11, 2020 • 108 MIN

Imagineer Podcast - Bonus Episode - Disney Q&A with Matthew Krul

Jan 4, 2020
71 min
At least once every month, I open up Instagram and engage in a live Q&A discussion with some of the Instagrammers who follow Imagineer Podcast. Because not everybody has Instagram, I decided to record one of these events as a bonus episode for the...
Jan 4, 2020 • 71 MIN