How I Grew This

In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.


CPO @ Medium: Michael Sippey - How Product Professionals Are Changing the World Through Creativity and Optimism

Jul 9, 2020
41 min
Tech professionals, especially those who work in product, are not necessarily the folks who first come to mind when discussing the topic of creativity. However, there is a shifting viewpoint that argues a healthy level of creativity and optimism is...
Jul 9, 2020 • 41 MIN

Senior Director of Marketing @ TuneIn: Ana Guillen - How to Drive Career and Product Growth with Intent

Jul 2, 2020
37 min
When it comes to your career, taking the road less traveled will often serve you well. Knowing exactly what you’re passionate about, what you’re naturally good at and what you want to accomplish on your career path are essential components needed to...
Jul 2, 2020 • 37 MIN

Overstock: Jason Wilson - How to Stretch Your Marketing Muscles During COVID-19

Jun 25, 2020
23 min
The pandemic has certainly brought about many changes to the world - one of them being how companies do business. Since the onset, marketers from various industries have been working to figure out how to stay relevant and continue to appeal to...
Jun 25, 2020 • 23 MIN

Microsoft: Chris Yu - Why Automation Isn’t Always the Answer

Jun 18, 2020
20 min
In the age of increasing levels of automation, it’s easy to get bogged down with the desire to automate as much as possible. However, this isn’t always in the best interest of your product’s users. Chris Yu has worked in various fields, from...
Jun 18, 2020 • 20 MIN

Allstate: Mike Antognoli - Adding Value to Your Users During a Pandemic

Jun 11, 2020
27 min
During a time of crisis, it’s crucial for companies to focus on maintaining and driving growth. It’s, however, equally as important to continue to find ways to strategically add value to your customers. Mike Antognoli shares with us how he’s led...
Jun 11, 2020 • 27 MIN

SmartNews: Fabien-Pierre Nicolas - Building for the Latent Needs of Your Users

Jun 4, 2020
39 min
Today’s digital climate requires a focus on healthier long-term gains as opposed to easy-short term wins. But where does one start? Fabien shares how a keen act of listening and parsing of the data can inform where to take your digital product next...
Jun 4, 2020 • 39 MIN

Eventbrite: Casey Winters - Connecting Users to the Value of Your Product

May 28, 2020
33 min
Master at building community on the internet, Casey took his passion for user-generated content and built a career on creating sustainable growth strategies for companies like Pinterest, Grubhub, and Airbnb. At Pinterest, he drove an increase in...
May 28, 2020 • 33 MIN

Coinbase: Linus Chung - Growth at the Cutting Edge

May 21, 2020
33 min
What can be gleaned from the stories at the geographic and technological edge between the US and China? As a Bay Area native, how did a journey back to China lead to strategic growth for American companies like LinkedIn and Tesla who hadn’t yet...
May 21, 2020 • 33 MIN

IMVU: Lomit Patel - Creating A Lean Marketing Team Powered by AI

May 14, 2020
28 min
How do you achieve growth when the system is full of obstacles? With today’s guest, Lomit Patel, we talk about choosing to take decisive action towards your goals whether that’s in your own career or with your product. From working his way up the...
May 14, 2020 • 28 MIN

Runtastic: Robert Schenkenfelder- Putting Yourself in the Running Shoes of Your User

May 7, 2020
19 min
What are some lessons you learn after being with a company for almost a decade? How do you end up changing your life based on the products you build?  This, the stories of being acquired by Adidas while maintaining the freedom to innovate and...
May 7, 2020 • 19 MIN

Depop: Farah Abuzeid - Why Data Storytelling is Marketing Gold

Apr 30, 2020
25 min
How does someone with a passion for cooking end up leading a team driving business-critical decisions? What does it take to teach yourself how to code then apply that to how you are able to help a company grow? This and how she learned to tell...
Apr 30, 2020 • 25 MIN

Walmart Grocery: Adithi Sampath- Driving Hypergrowth in New Markets for a Fortune One Brand

Apr 23, 2020
20 min
What does it take to recreate the organic growth of the largest online delivery grocery in the US in a new market like Mexico? How do you define growth when new markets take time to mature and show actual business outcomes? Our next guest, Adithi...
Apr 23, 2020 • 20 MIN