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A GOP Congressman Who Might Not Vote For Trump

Jul 30, 2020
26 min
Rep. Will Hurd of Texas’s 23rd Congressional District joins the podcast. He is one of only four Republicans in the House still representing a district that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and he is the only Black Republican in the chamber. He is also...
Jul 30, 2020 • 26 MIN

Biden's VP Pick Could Be Days Away

Jul 27, 2020
67 min
According to the timeframe Biden laid out, he could announce his choice for a running mate as soon as the end of this week. The crew discusses the upsides and downsides of his various choices.
Jul 27, 2020 • 67 MIN

The U.S. Still Isn't Prepared For A Pandemic Election

Jul 23, 2020
36 min
In March, it became clear that states needed to reconfigure in-person voting and significantly scale up mail voting so that Americans could vote during a pandemic. Since then, we’ve seen postponed elections, consolidated polling places, long lines,...
Jul 23, 2020 • 36 MIN

There Aren't Secret Trump Voters

Jul 20, 2020
55 min
A recent poll showed that the majority of Pennsylvanians think that people in their community secretly support Trump. The crew explains why that is unlikely. They also consider the future of Black politics as politicians from the Civil Rights Era...
Jul 20, 2020 • 55 MIN

White Democrats Are Wary Of Big Ideas To Address Racial Inequality

Jul 16, 2020
49 min
In recent weeks, public opinion has moved significantly in favor of Black Lives Matter and more people have taken the view that Black people face discrimination in America. But is there public support for policies that could address that...
Jul 16, 2020 • 49 MIN

COVID-19 Deaths Are Rising. What Will The U.S. Do?

Jul 13, 2020
52 min
The crew discusses whether Americans and politicians are in agreement on how to respond to the recent surge in coronavirus cases. The also interrogate a lesson that some Democrats took away from the 2016 election -- that the party should focus less...
Jul 13, 2020 • 52 MIN

Conservatives Didn’t Get The SCOTUS They Wanted This Term

Jul 9, 2020
32 min
FiveThirtyEight legal reporter Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux joins Galen Druke to look back at a U.S. Supreme Court term full of consequential cases. They also unpack one the final rulings of the term, which permits prosecutors to subpoena the president's...
Jul 9, 2020 • 32 MIN

How Trump Could Improve His Electoral Odds

Jul 6, 2020
55 min
The crew considers various strategies that President Trump and Republicans could use to improve their electoral prospects this fall -- ranging from a new running mate to a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Jul 6, 2020 • 55 MIN

How The GOP Chose To Be A White Party

Jul 2, 2020
41 min
FiveThirtyEight's Clare Malone discusses the history of how the GOP became an overwhelmingly white party. Her article on the topic is titled, "The Republican Choice: How a party spent decades making itself white."
Jul 2, 2020 • 41 MIN