Fish Sauce

Podcast sharing stories of Asian American founders and entrepreneurs who have taken a leap of faith to create something they're passionate about, despite the allure and pressures of traditional paths. We’re on a journey to find their quirky, sometimes smelly, but critical sauce that hopefully inspires our listeners to find their own secret sauce!


Ep 26: The World's Greatest Hype Man with Justin Kan

May 14, 2018
41 min
We're super excited to be speaking with Justin Kan, currently CEO of Atrium - a start-up hoping to reinvent the way lawyers provide exceptional legal service. 👩🏻‍💼Previously, Justin was a Partner at YC (Y Combinator) and Founder of many...
May 14, 2018 • 41 MIN

Ep 09: Breaking into BizOps with Dan Yoo, COO of NerdWallet

Apr 17, 2017
24 min
Part 2 of 3 of our Veteran Operators Series. Dan Yoo, COO of NerdWallet, not only survives the tech bubble bubble, but he also builds a 120-person BizOps team at Linkedin. Dan establishes his definition of BizOps, a role that has been a linchpin to...
Apr 17, 2017 • 24 MIN