Distributed Humanity

Man is a networked animal. An exploration of decentralized systems, business models, and the future of media.


Will the US ban TikTok? & Livestream Ecommerce in the US with Rui Ma

Jul 23, 2020
52 min
Will the US ban TikTok? Eric Ruleman chats with Rui Ma (host of TechBuzzChina) about TikTok, livestream e-commerce, and the future of TikTok in the US.   Topics: 1:06 TikTok is #1 app in US App Store 4:18 Douyin is 2 years ahead of...
Jul 23, 2020 • 52 MIN

Prediction Markets, Augur v2, and You

Jul 9, 2020
57 min
Prediction markets: What are they? Why are they important in the Information Age? By the end of this episode, you'll know why baggage handlers will be superforecasters in the lateness of planes market. Ben Davidow twitter.com/Ben_davidow Jalil...
Jul 9, 2020 • 57 MIN

The Future of Media, Gaming, and Subscriptions

Jul 1, 2020
51 min
Subscriptions will unlock the long tail of user-generated content — and streamers will lead the way. Eric talks with Peter Kang & Jon Walch of whiplash.gg about the future of media. --- Send in a voice message:...
Jul 1, 2020 • 51 MIN