Creative Elements

It’s never been a better time to earn a living with your creativity. This show bridges the gap between art and business by talking to high-profile creators about the nitty gritty of building their creative career. We discuss the specific elements of their personality, style, or approach that have helped them thrive: elements like focus, vulnerability, revision, and constraints. Learn how these creRead More


#26: Ryan Robinson [Planning]

Sep 22, 2020
52 min
Ryan Robinson is a full-time blogger, podcaster and content marketing consultant. His blog teaches people how to start a blog and grow a profitable side business. Ryan's site attracts more than 500,000 visitors per month and earns more than...
Sep 22, 2020 • 52 MIN

#25: Eric Jorgenson [Curation]

Sep 15, 2020
41 min
Eric Jorgenson is the author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness (also called Navalmanack). The Almanack is a collection of insight from Naval Ravikant that Eric curated from from Twitter, Podcasts, and Essays over...
Sep 15, 2020 • 41 MIN

#24: Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista [Service]

Sep 8, 2020
61 min
Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche is an author, speaker, and founder of the Live Richer Academy. Since 2014, The Budgetnista’s LIVE RICHER Challenge movement has helped over 1 million women from 100+ countries save more than $100 million, and pay...
Sep 8, 2020 • 61 MIN

#23: Kwame Christian [Strategy]

Sep 1, 2020
54 min
Kwame Christian is one of the foremost experts in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. He’s the Director of the American Negotiation Institute, the host of the Negotiate Anything podcast, and the author of Finding Confidence in...
Sep 1, 2020 • 54 MIN

#22: Pat Flynn [Relationships] and Matt Gartland [Vision]

Aug 25, 2020
66 min
Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland are the partners behind Smart Passive Income (SPI). Smart Passive Income is a media company elevating entrepreneurs to within reach of their dreams. The Smart Passive Income podcast is one of the top Business podcasts...
Aug 25, 2020 • 66 MIN

#21: Matt D'Avella [Experimentation]

Aug 18, 2020
56 min
Matt D'Avella is a filmmaker, YouTuber & podcaster that explores what it means to live a good life. Matt directed Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, which was acquired by Netflix in 2016. His YouTube channel has nearly 3...
Aug 18, 2020 • 56 MIN

#20: Morgan Nield [Experimentation]

Aug 11, 2020
53 min
Morgan Nield helps Etsy sellers go from part-time hustle to full-time income. Morgan built her Etsy shop, Little Highbury, into a 6-figure business in under a year, and had fulfilled more than 23,000 orders before shutting the business down to...
Aug 11, 2020 • 53 MIN

#19: Miles Beckler [Preeminence]

Aug 4, 2020
50 min
Miles Beckler is an internet marketer. In 2009, he and his wife Melanie started a website about mindfulness and meditation, and that site now receives over 8M visitors per year. In 2016, he decided to begin teaching what he’d learned for free on...
Aug 4, 2020 • 50 MIN

#18: MICK [Brand]

Jul 28, 2020
50 min
MICK is a Brooklyn-based DJ, style influencer, tech investor, speaker, music curator, and brand consultant. Inc Magazine referred to MICK as a “combination of Gary Vaynerchuk and Questlove.” MICK has spun private events for some of the world’s most...
Jul 28, 2020 • 50 MIN

#17: Jude Brewer [Adapting]

Jul 21, 2020
50 min
Jude Brewer is an American author, producer, and podcast host. Jude's writing has appeared in both the US and the UK through various lit journals, anthologies, and short films. He is the host and creator of Storybound, a podcast produced by Lit Hub...
Jul 21, 2020 • 50 MIN

#16: Puno [Learning]

Jul 14, 2020
46 min
Puno is a web designer and digital entrepreneur. She is the Founder of ilovecreatives, a platform connecting and edu-taining creatives living that slashie life. She also co-created PeopleMap.co, an Instagram marketing tool where you can...
Jul 14, 2020 • 46 MIN

#15: Natalie Franke [Community]

Jul 7, 2020
49 min
Natalie Franke is the Head of Community at HoneyBook and co-founder of the Rising Tide. Since the Rising Tide and HoneyBook joined forces in 2015, the community that Natalie built has grown to more than 75K small business owners who meet monthly...
Jul 7, 2020 • 49 MIN

#14: Jonathan Mendonsa [Financial Literacy]

Jun 30, 2020
50 min
Jonathan Mendonsa is the co-founder of the ChooseFI podcast. Jonathan started his career as a pharmacist with $168,000 in student loans. He aggressively paid off the loans in 4.5 years and using the tenets of Financial Independence to cut his life...
Jun 30, 2020 • 50 MIN