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21 - Ethereum: Past, Present, Future | Vitalik Buterin

Jul 13, 2020
104 min
Episode: #21 July 13, 2020 Ethereum turns 5 on July 30th! That's 5 years of history. Five years of progress. Time enough to change the world? We sit down with Vitalik Buterin and walk through Ethereum's past, present, and future. Has the vision...
Jul 13, 2020 • 104 MIN

19 - DeFi vs Banks | Hasu

Jun 28, 2020
86 min
Episode: #19 June 29, 2020 Hasu is a free-thinker. A truth seeker. A rare voice in crypto. He's not afraid to push back on tribal dogma. He breaks rank with Bitcoiners on some topics and Ethereans on others. Yet he still considers himself a member...
Jun 28, 2020 • 86 MIN