All-In with Chamath Palihapitiya & Jason Calacanis

Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya & Jason Calacanis cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.


E4: Politicizing the pandemic, Police reform, Biden's ideal VP, Twitter vs. Facebook on free speech & more with David Sacks & David Friedberg

Jun 20, 2020
78 min
0:01 Jason checks in on Chamath, Sacks & Friedberg, opening up their social circles, outdoor activities & more 9:31 Issues with politicizing matters of public health, deaths decreasing while new cases spike, masks, lockdowns & more 20:56 Viral...
Jun 20, 2020 • 78 MIN

E3: Modern Cold War between US & China, economic recovery, potential mass migration out of San Francisco, pandemic politicization & more with David Sacks & David Friedberg

May 21, 2020
66 min
0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David Sacks & David Friedberg 1:15 Everybody gives their quarantine update: Sacks is in Mexico while running Craft remote, Chamath got a new poker table & is excited for shelter-in-place to end, Friedberg is getting back...
May 21, 2020 • 66 MIN

E2: Rebooting the economy, understanding corporate debt, steps to avoid a depression & more with David Sacks

Apr 11, 2020
73 min
0:01 Jason & Chamath catch us up on their quarantines 1:20 Chamath intros David Sacks 4:40 David explains what their poker group chat has been like since COVID-19 started, and how Jason, Chamath & himself fall on the optimistic/pessimistic spectrum...
Apr 11, 2020 • 73 MIN

E1: US Response to COVID-19 & Impact on Startups, Venture Capital & Public Markets with David Friedberg

Mar 19, 2020
91 min
0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David and check in on each other's quarantines 2:26 Has the US overreacted or underreacted so far? David & Chamath give their opinions on new directives & statistics 13:15 Thoughts on potential treatment options & policy...
Mar 19, 2020 • 91 MIN

E0: COVID-19 Political, Economic & Social Ramifications featuring The Production Board's David Friedberg (frmly Founder/CEO, The Climate Corporation)

Mar 15, 2020
88 min
0:01 Jason intros Chamath and Episode 0 of All-In and they discuss their current self-quarantine 0:55 Jason intros David Friedberg 1:35 Chamath gives the inaugural (& potentially final) All-In ad read 2:17 As a Warriors owner, Chamath gives his...
Mar 15, 2020 • 88 MIN