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The Biology of Aging: Introducing Bio Eats World (ep 1)

Sep 23, 2020
28 min
Welcome to the first episode of Bio Eats World, a brand new podcast all about how biology is technology. Bio is breaking out of the lab and clinic and into our daily lives -- on the verge of revolutionizing our world in ways we are only just...
Sep 23, 2020 • 28 MIN

TikTok & Beyond: The Algorithm Question, The Future of Product

Sep 20, 2020
37 min
With the U.S. tech partnership for TikTok being finalized, what happens if source code is excluded (and more specifically, the For You Page algorithm), given China’s revised export controls? But more broadly -- well beyond the specifics and...
Sep 20, 2020 • 37 MIN

The New Fan Club: Creators, Fans, and the Power of Markets (& Crypto)

Sep 18, 2020
33 min
Today’s episode, part two in our two-part series on the Creator Economy, focuses on the new potential revenue streams and fan-engagement models opened up by emerging decentralized technology. It's a new type of fan club, driven by crypto networks...
Sep 18, 2020 • 33 MIN

So You Want to Launch a Newsletter: Tips From Substack Writers

Sep 17, 2020
34 min
This episode, part one in a two-part series on the Creator Economy, explores the process and economics behind creating an independent newsletter. In this candid conversation, host Lauren Murrow talks with four Substack writers—an artist, a...
Sep 17, 2020 • 34 MIN

Designing a Culture of Reinvention

Sep 15, 2020
42 min
Since Netflix started in the late 90s as a DVD-by-mail rental service competing with Blockbuster, it has completely reinvented itself... twice – first, when it went from DVD rental to video streaming platform, and then again when it went from...
Sep 15, 2020 • 42 MIN

The Myths of Heroes in Entrepreneurship -- with Guy Raz

Sep 12, 2020
38 min
"I'm in a movie, but it's the wrong movie." For better or for worse, we tell the story of entrepreneurs as one of the mythical hero's journey: that's there's a call, a test (multiple tests!), a destination... But nothing truly follows such a clean,...
Sep 12, 2020 • 38 MIN

The Myths and Question of (Not So) Modern Education

Sep 11, 2020
58 min
with @pmarca @zoink A wide-ranging Q&A all about education, from the purpose, past, and present of education; the economics of education (student loans & the debt crisis, government funding, cost disease, accreditation capture); tradeoffs of "hard"...
Sep 11, 2020 • 58 MIN

COVID Relief and Fraud: Willful Deceit or Design Defect?

Sep 4, 2020
40 min
This episode examines the potential for misuse and fraud among those applying for coronavirus relief—and how fintech and software provide overlooked tools to stop it.   On March 27th, the government enacted a $2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package...
Sep 4, 2020 • 40 MIN

Measuring & Managing Community Orgs, Developer Relations and Beyond

Aug 30, 2020
33 min
Okay, so we know community is important -- whether for developer relations for your product or other types of communities -- but how do we measure the success of community initiatives and even artifacts (like events or schwag), given how indirect...
Aug 30, 2020 • 33 MIN

Reining in Complexity: Data Science & Future of AI/ML Businesses

Aug 21, 2020
44 min
There is no spoon. Or rather, “There is no such thing as ‘data’, there’s just frozen models”, argues Peter Wang, the co-founder and CEO of Anaconda — who also created the PyData conferences and grew the early data science community there, while on...
Aug 21, 2020 • 44 MIN

Online Learning and the Ed Tech Debate

Aug 17, 2020
48 min
This episode is all about education and technology, a topic that’s especially top of mind this week as students in much of the country return to school—virtually. The intersection of learning and technology has been accelerated by the pandemic, but...
Aug 17, 2020 • 48 MIN

On Vaccines and Vaccinology, in COVID and Beyond

Aug 14, 2020
56 min
WHEN are we going to have a COVID-19 vaccine, and how the heck are we going from (what’s been traditionally been up to) 12 years or so of vaccine development compressed into 12 months or so? What will and won’t be compromised here, and where do new...
Aug 14, 2020 • 56 MIN

Turning Open-Source Developers Into Superfans

Aug 10, 2020
45 min
In this episode, we continue our community series with a recent discussion that applies to many kinds of community building. Today’s topic: How do you create a platform that people not only use, but tell their friends about? One that goes beyond...
Aug 10, 2020 • 45 MIN

Journal Club: Slaying the Sleeper Cells of Aging with CAR T

Aug 9, 2020
18 min
CAR T therapy is a groundbreaking medicine that uses engineered T cells to attack cancer. But CAR T cells (that is, chimeric antigen receptor T cells) can be programmed to recognize a huge range of target proteins and cell types. So what other...
Aug 9, 2020 • 18 MIN

Working, Making, Creating in Public (and Private)

Aug 2, 2020
47 min
We’re living in an unprecedented era of online collaboration, coordination, and creation. All kinds of people are coming together — whether in an open source project, an R&D initiative, a department in a company, a club or special interest group,...
Aug 2, 2020 • 47 MIN

GPT-3: What's Hype, What's Real on the Latest in AI

Jul 30, 2020
33 min
In this episode -- cross posted from our 16 Minutes show feed -- we cover all the buzz around GPT-3, the pre-trained machine learning model from OpenAI that’s optimized to do a variety of natural-language processing tasks.  It’s a commercial...
Jul 30, 2020 • 33 MIN

Taking the Pulse on Medical Device Security

Jul 22, 2020
23 min
Many don’t realize we even need to think about the possibility of security hacks when it comes to things like pacemakers, insulin pumps, and more. But when bits and bytes meet flesh and blood, security becomes literally a life or death concern. So...
Jul 22, 2020 • 23 MIN

Journal Club: A New Path to Antibiotic Resistance

Jul 19, 2020
17 min
Ever since the discovery of antibiotics, microbiologists have worried about and studied how bacteria acquire resistance to these drugs. Adding to the complexity of this problem is the fact that it is not always clear whether the conditions that...
Jul 19, 2020 • 17 MIN

Cybercrime, Incorporated

Jul 18, 2020
36 min
A dive into the sociological, operational, and tactical realities of this murky underworld, Lusthaus and de la Garza discuss who the players are, what they are motivated by, and specialize in—as well as how basic ideas like trust and anonymity...
Jul 18, 2020 • 36 MIN

How Transparent Pricing Drives Healthcare Change

Jul 15, 2020
29 min
Dr. Marty Makary—surgical oncologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and health policy and innovation expert—has long been a passionate advocate for transparent pricing in the healthcare system. We don’t talk enough (or really at...
Jul 15, 2020 • 29 MIN

Preserving Digital History: How to Close the Web's 'Memory Hole'

Jul 13, 2020
47 min
More than 98% of the information on the web is lost within 20 years, and huge gaps exist in our digital and cultural history. Zoran Basich and Alex Pruden of a16z talk to Brewster Kahle and Sam Williams, who are using different approaches to attack...
Jul 13, 2020 • 47 MIN

Alex Honnold on Human Performance (part 2) – Climbing and Entrepreneurship

Jul 11, 2020
18 min
In part 1 of our series on human performance, we looked at the limits of human potential in climbing and other sports – and how we push those limits through technology and training. In this episode, recorded at our a16z innovation summit last year,...
Jul 11, 2020 • 18 MIN

Alex Honnold on Human Performance (part 1) – Where's the Limit?

Jul 11, 2020
23 min
Is there a limit to what humans can do? And if so, how do you know when you've reached it? Welcome to part one of a two-part series on human performance with professional rock climber Alex Honnold.  Alex redefined the limits of what is possible by...
Jul 11, 2020 • 23 MIN

Why We Shouldn’t Fear AI in Healthcare

Jul 7, 2020
6 min
"Why We Shouldn’t Fear the ‘Black Box’ of AI (in Healthcare and Everywhere)" by Vijay Pande. First published in the New York Times, January 2018.  You can also find and share this article at a16z.com/aidoctor
Jul 7, 2020 • 6 MIN

When One App Rules Them All: The Case of WeChat and Mobile in China

Jul 7, 2020
20 min
"When One App Rules Them All: The Case of WeChat and Mobile in China" by Connie Chan. First published August 2015.  You can also find and share this essay at a16z.com/mobilefirstchina
Jul 7, 2020 • 20 MIN

Every Company Is a Fintech Company

Jul 7, 2020
15 min
"Why Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company -- The Next Era of Financial Services and the 'AWS Phase' for Fintech" by Angela Strange. You can also find and share this essay at a16z.com/fintecheverywhere    
Jul 7, 2020 • 15 MIN

Read-Alouds, Continued

Jul 7, 2020
0 min
Today we're continuing a series we started a while ago of read-alouds (for more context on the why and why now check out episode #500 on how we podcast!). The first was episode #544 in April, It's Time to Build, read out loud by Marc Andreessen;...
Jul 7, 2020 • 0 MIN

Journal Club: Revisiting Eroom's Law

Jul 5, 2020
9 min
Eroom’s Law is Moore’s Law spelled backwards. It’s a term that was coined in a Nature Reviews Drug Discovery article by researchers at Sanford Bernstein and describes the exponential decrease in biopharma research and development efficiency between...
Jul 5, 2020 • 9 MIN

Preventing Pandemics with Genomic Epidemiology

Jun 30, 2020
34 min
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the visibility of scientists and the scientific process to the broader public; suddenly, scientists working on virology and infectious disease dynamics have seen their public profiles rapidly expand. One such...
Jun 30, 2020 • 34 MIN

Journal Club: Therapeutic Video Game on Trial

Jun 28, 2020
17 min
In this episode of the a16z bio journal club, we cover one of the key clinical trials that supported the recent FDA approval of the first prescription video game. The game was developed by Akili Interactive, is called EndeavorRx, and is now a...
Jun 28, 2020 • 17 MIN