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If you like Mixergy, Reboot, Jerry Colonna and other podcasts that focus on the mental and emotional side of startups, you'll love Zen Founder. Join Sherry Walling on this weekly show about staying sane while starting up. Sherry (@zenfounder) is a psychologist with expertise in trauma work and hasRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 293: Feeling Stuck? Consult the Community in Your Head

Nov 6 • 10:08

Episode 292: Mental Health Hack- Celebrate Others

Oct 22 • 12:46

Episode 291: Did I Let Myself Down?

Oct 15 • 09:12

Episode 290: Surviving Son with Veteran and Entrepreneur Scott Deluzio

Sep 17 • 48:09

Episode 289: Back to School Turbulance for Entrepreneurial Kids

Sep 3 • 17:01

In this episode Sherry talks about the back to school process for her kids. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, those entrepreneurial traits when they show up in kids can be tricky to navigate in day to day academic life. Going from flexibility and creativity to a more rigid schedule can cause some transitional stress and irritability. Sherry provides some tips for na...

Episode 288: How to Talk to Grieving People

Aug 27 • 16:02

Episode 287: We're Not Okay (Still)

Aug 20 • 15:56

There is still an uneasiness that’s taken place inside of us, we as the collective are not okay. One of the things that is driving this is the general sense that the voices we hear from leadership cant really be trusted. The pandemic has really unraveled us as a societies ability to feel like our leaders are making good choices (ex.flip-flopping between covid guidelines). ...

Episode 286: How to be Still

Aug 13 • 09:28

As an entrepreneur we tend to stay busy and the practice of stillness is not easy or natural for us. However from a mental health perspective it is very important. A recent vacation reminded Sherry of what a great gift stillness can be. Its serves as a counterbalance to the hustle and bustle of business life. Sherry describes it as letting the mind and the body have a comp...

Episode 285: Getting Lost in the Wilderness and other Entrepreneur Adventures

Aug 6 • 16:49

On a recent canoeing trip with some friends, Sherry found herself lost and unable to navigate using the map she was given. While in the lake the terrain she expected to see wasn’t there, none of the landmarks matched. The whole time she never questioned the map, only herself. Well it turns out that the staff member from the outfitter where she got the map marked the wrong ...

Episode 284: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Simone Biles

Jul 30 • 11:05

As entrepreneurs who do anything in public, we seize to be individuals in the mind of the collective(general population/customers). We become part of a public conversation, which can blur the lines of what our customers want for us and what we want for ourselves. Sherry warns entrepreneurs to be careful to listen to the ques of your minds and bodies and what its telling yo...

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