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Zcash Review


A podcast discussing the Zcash project and the future of economic privacy.

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Zcash Review - Episode 2 - Design of the Ceremony with Zooko Wilcox and Andreas Antonopoulos

Mar 15 • 01:11:12
Recorded: Nov 20th, 2016

Today on the show, we're talking with Zooko Wilcox (CEO of the Zcash Company)about the design and execution of the parameter generation ceremony needed for making zero knowledge proofs possible with Zcash. Leading up to this discussion we talk about Zookos history in bitcoin and his cypherpunk roots, the Zcash company and the importance of fungibi...

Zcash Review - Episode 1 - The History of Zcash with Dr. Matthew Green

Mar 1 • 45:52
Recorded: Dec 3rd, 2016

Today on the show, we’ll discuss the story behind creation of Zcash, the importance of privacy, why the zerocoin protocol was never integrated into Bitcoin and how Zcash eventually evolved into it’s own blockchain protocol.

We’re joined by Dr. Matthew Green, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins. He has been largely recognized for h...

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