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A Podcast about Zappos' unique take on company culture. What goes on behind these mural covered walls?

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Zappos Podcast: Adapting To Change

Apr 21 • 23:39
Dana Zumbo stops by the studio to talk with Jeanne about the many roles she has held during her tenure at Zappos including her current roles with Zappos Adaptive.

We do a deep dive into how she was able to take her passion for working with people with disabilities to help build Zappos Adaptive - a site that focuses on providing a wide range of adaptive clothing and shoes...

Zappos Podcast: Turning Your Passion Into Your Career

Apr 21 • 24:58
In today’s episode, Jeanne talks with Miguel Hernandez, Zappos’ Artist In Residence, about his journey from discovering his love of art in 3rd grade to creating his role as a full-time artist at Zappos. We learn about how Miguel turned his passion into his career and has even received the Key To The City from the Mayor of Las Vegas. His story is both interesting and inspir...

Zappos Podcast: Creating a legacy at Zappos

Dec 4 • 26:10
In this episode we hear from Maritza Lewis, a long tenured employee who’s current roles concentrate on employee engagement, always a top focus for Zappos. She shares some personal stories from her Zappos journey from a number of different role she’s held along the way - along with how being very pregnant during a Las Vegas summer led her to take action on an initiative th...

Zappos Podcast: Expected Value

Nov 26 • 23:50
The Zappos Podcast presents a new season with interviews from people whose stories you hear in the recently released book by Zappos “The Power of WOW”. Today we hear from John Bunch, an advisor to the Zappos CEO, who focuses on organizational systems. John and Jeanne talk a little about organizational changes happening at Zappos and how John’s poker expertise helps him i...

Zappos Podcast: Art and Science

Nov 12 • 22:39
The Zappos Podcast presents a new season with interviews from people whose stories you hear in the recently released book by Zappos “The Power of WOW”. In the first episode we hear from Chris Peake, a long-time employee who currently focuses on Strategic Initiatives. Chris shares some insights into what it means to him to be a part of the Zappos culture – along with learni...

Zappos Podcast: The Power of Limits

Aug 13 • 28:03

Zappos Podcast: Protecting Company Culture

Aug 6 • 24:51
In an interview with Christa Foley, Sr. Director of Brand Vision & Culture, we talk about the importance of company culture at Zappos. Christa shares her thoughts on protecting and caring for the Zappos culture, especially during big changes such as Holacracy and Market Based Dynamics, and she shares her insights into what has kept it strong during difficult times when cu...

Zappos Podcast: Psychological Safety Part 2

Jul 30 • 34:25
In part two of our Psychological Safety series, we continue to explore the line between trust and fear with Amy Edmonson, a former grad student studying organizational behavior at Harvard. Amy had the idea that “good teams” (teams that worked well together) would have lower error rates than teams that did not work well together. After looking into the behavior of some ho...

Zappos Podcast: Psychological Safety Part 1

Jul 23 • 19:48

Zappos Podcast: Interview with Carmen Daniels Jones

Jul 16 • 31:12
Carmen Daniels Jones, President of Solutions Marketing Group and a paid advisor to Zappos, talks to us about disability, biases, and how Zappos is doing on the disability awareness front. We talk about what happens when a customer triggers our own biases and how to avoid projecting our discomfort onto anyone else. We also learn about how Zappos Adaptive is promoting inc...

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