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Yours in Marketing is a weekly digital marketing podcast that is laser-focused on upping your marketing game.

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Dave Polykoff: Creating Content the Right Way

Dec 17 • 52:55
On this week's episode, I speak with Dave Polykoff, the CEO and Co-Founder of Presto Media, Zenpost, and ProWriter. Many companies are looking for ways to build out their content presence and just don't have the know-how. We discuss how companies should find and hire their writers, how you can write for humans and search engines at the same time, and the key concepts and...

Kelly Glover: How to Get Booked on Podcasts

Nov 19 • 53:19
On this week's episode, I speak with Kelly Glover, the Founder of The Talent Squad.  We focus the show on podcasting, specifically addressing if you are a company or individual that is trying to get booked onto podcasts.  We talk about how to get booked on podcasts, the perfect elements for a "perfect" pitch, and how great podcasts grow their audience. Episode Highlights: ...

Tamara Yarovoy: How to Align Sales and Marketing

Nov 12 • 46:38
On this week's episode, I speak with Tamara Yarovoy, the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Meltwater. She has an interesting story, being that she was originally from Serbia, and now living in the US. We talk about how college athletics prepared her for a career in marketing and how sales and marketing can align to achieve success. Episode Highlights: Tamara's background...

Ross Simmonds: Content Strategy Doesn't Stop When You Hit Publish

Nov 5 • 50:42
On this week's episode, I speak with Ross Simonds, the CEO and Digital Marketing Strategist at Foundation Marketing. Ross is an extremely active entrepreneur and has numerous side projects including Hustle and Grind. We discuss why content strategy doesn't stop when you hit "publish", how distribution is a "game-changer" for any type of content, and the future of social me...

April Dunford: How to Perfectly Position Your Product

Oct 29 • 59:36
On this week's episode, I speak with April Dunford, the Founder and Chief Strategist for Ambient Strategy. She's been with a number of large companies and now doing her own consulting. We primarily discuss the idea of "positioning." We talk about what positioning is, how to find your product's position in the marketplace, and how positioning fits in with branding and go-to...

Joel Harrison: ABM in B2B Marketing and Growing through Thought Leadership

Oct 23 • 44:02
On this week's episode, I speak with Joel Harrison, the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of He's been in the B2B space for decades and really has much to share. We discuss the current state of B2B and what's important, the common thread between ABM, MarTech, and CX, and how to use thought leadership to build a trustworthy brand. Episode Highlights:Joel's background ...

Geoff Atkinson: How to Become a Structured Data Master

Oct 15 • 55:43
On this week's episode, I speak with Geoff Atkinson, the Founder and CEO of Huckabuy, an SEO software company. We dive into a number of technical aspects around SEO. We talk about optimizing for humans and search engines, and how to use structured data and schema to succeed in SEO. Episode Highlights:Geoff's background journey into digital marketing.  How a "ski bum" got s...

Seth Avergon: How to Be a Top 1% Marketer

Oct 8 • 54:46
On this week's episode, I speak with Seth Avergon, the President at Avergon Marketing Group.  His focus is on strategic marketing. We discuss how to have a top 1% marketing strategy, how psychology plays into marketing, and his time as a "fractional" CMO. Episode Highlights: Seth's background in psychology and shift to marketing.  How psychology plays into marketing.Discu...

Mike Carroll: Combining Sales and Marketing, Creative Alchemy, and Growth Hacking

Sep 17 • 01:00:24
On this week's episode, I speak with Mike Carroll, who's the head of Growth at Nutshell CRM. He has some amazing things to share with us about growth marketing and sales. We discuss how a career in politics can prepare you for a career in marketing, creative alchemy, and why sales and marketing should be combined for maximum results. Episode Highlights:Mike's background in...

Rachael Pilcher: B2B Copywriting, Branding, and SNACKS

Sep 10 • 47:04
On this week's episode, I speak with Rachael Pilcher, the Founder, B2B, and SaaS Conversion Copywriter and Growth Strategist at Mighty Fine Copy in New Zealand. Rachael shares how to bring to light your company’s personality, how insurance companies and insurance commercials became interesting, and also her framework called SNACKS for creating great converting copy. Episod...

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