Your Undivided Attention

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, The Center for Humane Technology

technology, "society & culture", news
Technology companies are locked in an arms race to seize your attention, and that race is tearing apart our shared social fabric. In this inaugural podcast from the Center for Humane Technology, hosts Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin will expose the hidden designs that have the power to hijack ourRead more
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Best Episodes

The Dictator's Playbook Revisited

Jun 17, 2020

"35,000 moderator for 2.7 billion users. The math doesn’t work out. Facebook FAIL"



[This episode originally aired on November 5, 2019] Maria Ressa is arguably one of the bravest journalists working in the Philippines today. As co-founder and CEO of the media site Rappler, she has withstood death threats, multiple arrests and a rising tide of populist fury that she first saw onRead more

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