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On this retirement investing podcast, financial planner Joe Anderson, CFP® and certified public accountant Big Al Clopine answer your money questions about investing, portfolio diversification, how to reduce taxes, creating retirement income, collecting Social Security benefits, how much you canRead more

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Retirement Spitballing, Social Security, and Hiring & Ghosting Financial Advisors - 353

Nov 23 • 45:27

How does the “Buy, Borrow, Die” strategy of the uber-wealthy work? Stacking capital gains vs. Roth conversions, contributing to a non-deductible IRA vs. a brokerage account, and minimizing tax when a trust is the TSP beneficiary. Also, why delay Social Security to age 70 if you don’t need the money, and estimating benefits with a future salary of $0. Finally, can you “ghos...

Dividends, Asset Classes, and Diversification: How to Invest for Retirement? - 352

Nov 16 • 45:45

Can your investment portfolio be over diversified? How do dividends and net unrealized appreciation (NUA) work? How will ownership inequality in the stock market impact future returns for most investors? What do Joe & Big Al think of target date funds? Plus, the YMYW podcast is now on video! Watch the fellas spitball on annuities, bonds, long-term treasuries, risk toleranc...

Estate Planning, Social Security, and TSP to Roth Conversions - 351

Nov 9 • 47:29

Is there a step up in basis on (and advantage to) a joint tenants with rights of survivorship brokerage account? Is a charitable remainder trust a good way to liquidate property? Is there a point to Roth conversions when leaving your estate to charity? Should you name your trust as beneficiary on retirement accounts? When to draw from Social Security, pension, and annuity ...

Spitballing the Sequence of Retirement Savings - 350

Nov 2 • 51:14

In what order you should contribute into which accounts for retirement? Joe & Al explain the reasoning behind the sequence of retirement savings and where a health savings account (HSA) fits. Following some retirement plan spitball analyses and Roth conversion strategizing, the fellas explain whether capital gains are taxed progressively, how required minimum distributions...

How to Pay the Tax on a Roth Conversion - 349

Oct 26 • 46:40

Learn the basics of Roth IRA conversions, how to calculate the tax on a Roth conversion, when to pay the tax, and more. Plus, ideas for what to do with unused 529 plan education savings funds, rules for 401(a) accounts, understanding the alternative minimum tax, the latest tax proposals, how to calculate employer solo 401(k) contributions - and that’s just the tip of the i...

Medicare, Social Security, and FIRE Early Retirement - 348

Oct 19 • 40:45

How to calculate modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) for Medicare IRMAA, Social Security benefits when you’re planning to FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early), family Social Security benefits for those with minor children, and a strategy to qualify for the Obamacare ACA subsidy. Plus, Roth conversions prior to early retirement, and untangling stock options, long-...

What's the Right Mix of Stocks and Bonds for Your Investment Portfolio? - 347

Oct 12 • 37:35

Asset allocation is the delicate balance of stocks, bonds, and other assets in an investment portfolio. What allocation is best for your retirement needs? What mix of domestic and international stocks is best? Is a 90/10 equities to fixed income mix crazy in a $10M portfolio? Should Dad be at 90/10 or 60/40? Can pension & Social Security count as a bond allocation? Plus, l...

Buying and Selling Your House or Real Estate - 346

Oct 5 • 31:28

How do you estimate net investment income tax when selling your primary residence? Is the all-in-one mortgage a temporary solution when buying a house before selling your current home? Also: buying property in California with your kids, and should you pay the mortgage or save for retirement? Plus, what's the best way to pay credit card debt? Do corporations really pay no t...

Working or Retiring Abroad and Early Retirement Spitball - 345

Sep 28 • 45:11

Retiring overseas and foreign earned income exclusion eligibility, using your tax refund for a back door Roth conversion, and working abroad and contributing to a health savings account (HSA). Plus, should you contribute to Roth, pre-tax accounts, or brokerage for early retirement? Are substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP) good to bridge the gap between retiring ear...

It Could Be Over for the Mega Backdoor Roth IRA - 344

Sep 21 • 47:17

Joe & Big Al outline the House Ways and Means Committee's sweeping tax proposal that would impact Roth contributions, Roth conversions, RMDs, the backdoor Roth IRA and mega backdoor Roth (Megatron), marginal and capital gains tax rates, wash sale rules, and more. Plus, safe retirement income and withdrawal strategies, when NOT to do a Roth IRA conversion, and solo 401(k) r...

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