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A psychotherapy-entertainment podcast featuring longtime friends and licensed therapists, Doug Friedman and Meredith Levy. Episodes include real therapy sessions in sequence with a real client that has agreed to be recorded throughout the process of therapy. After the session, Doug and MeredithRead more

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062: Effed Up and Out of My Control - Sarah #11

Nov 18 • 01:08:39

Sarah got triggered by a review at work which leads to an exploration of deeper issues. Doug helps her express anger and frustration about being powerless and misrepresented, especially when someone of authority is in control. Sarah starts to make the link to repressed emotion from the childhood heartbreak she experienced in the cult. She is able to stay with the emotion i...

061: I Would Rather Fill in the Blank - Sarah #10

Nov 11 • 01:06:07

Doug redefines work-life balance: it’s a balance of work, rest, and play that are all under the umbrella of life. Sarah examines “play” in her life. She connects the hyper-vigilance of being ‘mama bear’ for everyone around her to the trauma response that protects her from slowing down or stopping to feel the feelings. Doug uses a folding paper example to show the neural pa...

060: The Unravelling - Sarah #9

Nov 4 • 01:07:00

Doug is on location in New York discovering the quiet, nature side of the city. Sarah and Doug dissect the associations she’s held in her head with being a trauma survivor and with being a victim. Sarah explores some recent triggers and exercises having compassion for the younger version of herself that was traumatized. Doug helps Sarah trace some of her discomfort back to...

059: Don’t Go to Bed Angry - Sarah #8

Oct 28 • 01:08:04

As Sarah talks about a stressful work relationship, Doug slows her down and helps her process being a trauma survivor. They examine how Sarah’s system learned to protect her from complex trauma in the past and how it still affects her current relationships. Doug walks Sarah through examples of interactions to help create new neural pathways and new ways of thinking and int...

058: Are You a Wildfire or Controlled Burn? - Sarah #7

Oct 21 • 01:01:14

In an emotional session, Sarah vents about an issue she’s having with a coworker. This leads Doug to look deeper inside for what’s really going on with her. As he helps Sarah slow down in the session, she takes a deep breath and feels the emotional weight of stress she’s been holding and keeping inside. Sarah tries to stay controlled and worries that if she lets it out, it...

057: Recompense - Sarah #6

Oct 14 • 01:02:49

Doug and Mer talk comets and cults while Doug corrects an earlier comment that the cult leader in Sarah’s case was caught - he wasn’t! He lived in hiding for over twenty years until he died. Sarah talks about school and education growing up in the cult. She explains the massive confusion and the ensuing tragedies experienced by many around her in the aftermath of leaving t...

056: Just One Junk Drawer - Sarah #5

Oct 7 • 01:04:05

Mer acknowledges Doug for his emotional and personal music album coming out in a few weeks; and then she gives him guff for not getting the podcast’s Patreon launched yet!  It’s coming soon with ongoing Drew episodes and other exclusives for subscribers. In this session with Sarah, Doug helps her look at the inner critic that fuels perfectionism. This is often a trauma res...

055: Baby Steps - Sarah #4

Sep 30 • 01:05:27

Meredith imparts some knowledge to Doug (and us!) about invalidation trauma after a recent training. We get to know more about Sarah in her session as she talks about her work, her upbringing in the cult, and her anxiety that she carries around with her still. Doug helps Sarah understand the connection of making herself indispensable to a historic fear of abandonment. Doug...

054: A Little Bit Robocop - Sarah #3

Sep 23 • 51:42

Meredith updates us on the intruder in her backyard - who came back again! We continue the new season with Sarah, in spite of a few audio hiccups in the session. Doug and Sarah talk about feeling frustrated, annoyed, and overwhelmed when others don’t get to a solution as quickly and easily as you do, especially when that means you take it on and do it all yourself. This ha...

053: Growing Up in a Cult - Sarah #2

Sep 16 • 01:04:31

***Trigger warning*** This episode contains potentially triggering and sensitive topics including child abuse. If you suspect or know that a child is being abused or neglected, call or text 800-4-A-CHILD (800-422-4453). Professional crisis counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in over 170 languages. All calls are confidential. ...

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