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Buckle up, Bros and Hoes. Join Wells Adams & Brandi Cyrus every Wednesday as they share their favorite, and sometimes least favorite, things: movies, TV shows, books, conspiracy theories, influencer faux pas, you name it. No streaming platform or viewer discretion notice holds them back; they coverRead more

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Men Are Trash

Dec 1 • 58:51

Testing…testing…one, two, three?! After some AirPod tech difficulties (why so expensive if they don’t work…and what does the button on the back do?) Wells gives us a Big Sur fancy-shmancy-romany vacay recap, and we discuss if mushrooms are now mainstream. We also hear about Brandi’s DJ gig on KB’s tour — and we discuss the possibility of a YFT live tour once the omicron on...

Spatchcocking & Sleeping Your Way to Stardom

Nov 24 • 54:19

Wells’ long lost podcast host has joined him once again on the mic to tackle all the pop culture and bach nation drama you can possibly want. They chat about their reunion at Ben’s wedding, and who was and wasn’t there. They also get into their thoughts on the hottest new Hollywood couple, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian — yes, you read that right. They discuss if they wo...

Can’t Put Sarah On The Bench No More

Nov 17 • 01:02:31

Our dearest Brand-eye has lost her voice, so we’re calling in our A-lister from the B-squad, miss Sarah Hyland. Wells is living his busiest life these days, and didn’t have time to catch up on The Bachelorette. However, his gal Sarah took extensive, detailed, hilarious notes that provide the base for a serious Bachelorette deep dive. Speaking of love, the two talk about Be...

A Hollywood Deep Dive with Sarah Hyland

Nov 10 • 01:07:04

Everyone wants to be a star, and this week we’re in the presence of one. Miss Sarah Hyland joins her fiancé after a couple of drinks for maybe the most hectic episode of YFT ever recorded. In case you're wondering, Wells has already broken no-drink-November. Without Brandi around the two are able to discuss Succession and The Challenge in the way they deserve. Also, as we’...

Hard in the Halloween Paint

Nov 3 • 49:53

Your hosts are coming to you live post-Halloween party... and Wells is hungover! Your hosts like to take turns, you know, so it’s fair. Wells got wastey-face at his event and Brand-eye was the only single person at hers, and that about sums up their nights. Wells is going to attempt no-drink-November with a few caveats, so we discuss that. Then after a weekend recap, your ...

Sun Downers and Twin Flames

Oct 27 • 44:16

Wells is back, and better than ever! Well, kinda, he’s super jet lagged. But being on a plane for 60 hours and exploring South Africa resulted in some great content for you, YFTers! We’ve got a pee story, animal encounters, and more movies and television than you could possibly get through. Plus, Wells has decided he is so over Megan Fox and MGK, but Brandi is here for it....

Are You Proud of Me, Wells?

Oct 20 • 49:28

When Wells is away, the girls get crazy! Just kidding... they followed the rules for the most part. Everyone’s favorite BFFs Paris and Nicole aka Brandi and Olivia take over the mic this week to chat fave things, life updates, and more! To start, Brandi finally watched Succession and Wells isn’t here to hear about it. Olivia tells us about Squid Game which is - if you have...

Your Favorite Christmas Movies (& more!) with Ingrid Michaelson

Oct 13 • 01:03:56

Should this show be called "Wells’ Favorite Things"? Or perhaps, “Wells’ Favorite Things while Brandi just makes fun of him"? We’ll think on it. Anyway, this week your hosts discuss the ridiculousness of daylight savings (if anyone knows who we can talk to about getting rid of this, hit us up), and Wells’ new favorite thing, Lettuce Grow, because he’s a horticulturalist no...

Fantasy Football and Crocodile Tears

Oct 6 • 51:45

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to say your goodbyes to another season of the #1 television drama, Bachelor in Paradise. This week we bring you a recap of the heartbreak and love as we bid farewells to Wells on our television screens. It was a nice run, even though he was barely there. We (okay Wells) also talk sports for a bit and Brandi pretends to listen while n...

Balls & Strokes, Proms & Weddings!

Sep 29 • 49:33

Welcome, class, to Golf 101.And Wedding Planning 101. Our hosts each flex their teacher muscles (or lack thereof) and give a quick crash course on golf and weddings; what to spend money on, when to do it, what a par is, all the things. We then pivot (PIVOT!) from weddings to prom for this week’s Paradise recap, where Wells got more airtime than he has cumulatively in the e...

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