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Your Body, Your Brand

Women are dropping out.They’re dropping out of the workplace to become yoga teachers. Leaving behind careers to sell essential oils and fitness programs. Opting out of STEM to focus on their Paleo diet cookbook.And even when they stay in, they’re spending their lunch hours talking about theirRead more

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Dec 2 • 01:20:57

Health is Wealth

Nov 18 • 01:30:27

Buckle up, because we’ve reached the final episode of the podcast wherein we ask: what does it mean to do helping work in the context of a capitalist society?...


Nov 11 • 55:55

When we start a diet or a fitness program, we often ask others to hold us accountable....

The Future is (Neoliberal) Female

Nov 4 • 46:49

If you’re listening to this podcast, you’ve probably heard the word “neoliberalism” before. Most of us only have a vague concept of what that means — I certainly did when I started this project. But to understand wellness entrepreneurship, we need to understand neoliberal economics — and neoliberal feminism — and how it shapes our ideas about who we are and how we’re meant...

What Men Feel All the Time

Oct 28 • 01:07:15

What drives women into multilevel marketing is the same thing that drives women into wellness entrepreneurship writ large. While MLM has codified a certain business model, wellness entrepreneurship requires the same level of commitment, often for the same slim chance at payoff....


Oct 26 • 05:26

A brief word to add some context, and ensure that the audience is aware that 1) being a guest on this podcast doesn't imply endorsement of the context I've added around the pieces of the interviews I've chosen to include, 2) this is cultural criticism and not investigative journalism, which means that I'm using narrative to contextualize something bigger in our culture, no...

The Pyramid-Shaped Elephant in the Room

Oct 21 • 59:36

When we talk about wellness entrepreneurship, it’s hard to ignore the pyramid-shaped elephant in the room: multilevel marketing. MLM or network marketing gets plenty of time in the media, but instead of just talking about why the actual system is good or bad, we’re going to ask: why do women join them in the first place?...

Publish or Perish

Oct 14 • 01:16:03

When professional brand takes over personal life, performing your branded self can feel like a life-or-death proposition....

A Cage with the Bars Labeled "Freedom"

Oct 7 • 55:13

Not every health coaching program starts or ends with an eating disorder — but that doesn’t mean that most forays into wellness entrepreneurship leads to fame, fortune, and a cookbook deal....

Diets, Dogma, and Dollars

Sep 30 • 01:10:11

Are you religious about your workouts? A fanatic about nutrition? Do you consider yourself a clean eater or try to stay “good" about your fitness?...

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