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Your Atomic Potential


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What are you Audacious 2021 goals

Dec 4 • 22:54

Next Generation Leaders

Nov 13 • 40:41

Are you building your kids into next-generation leaders? While still allowing them to do kid stuff? On this episode, I interview Lucas our 10-year-old son and get his ideas on an adventure, school books, and leadership.  Cut him some slack on his first episode, I think he did amazing and has great potential to do many things. But most of all he has taught me so much about ...

Setting Boundaries and saying NO

Nov 3 • 22:34

Small wins

Oct 28 • 14:28

Small wins will add up and get you further than some Giant goal any day.

What are your small wins?    Are you willing to Aim Low?  It is better than not aiming at all, or Aiming so high you give up.  I love to say Aim for the moon and land on a mountain, but somedays we are just not there.  Some days we have to aim a little lower so that we do something. We also need to ce...

Hard choices equals hard emotions

Oct 14 • 19:17

Are you a Leader or a Boss

Oct 7 • 14:50

Are you executing

Sep 17 • 21:29

Your Atomic Potential

Aug 16 • 11:05

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