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'Young People Doing Things' is a podcast series that explores the challenges and complexities of young people, who decide to take a risk, follow their dreams and ultimately do something different and transformational with their working lives. Hosted by brand strategist, Ed Little of Otherway, theRead more

Popular episodes

Spin Brands - Max Whicher

Nov 17 • 37:59
Introducing Max Whicher. He runs Spin Brands, a social media agency dedicated to delivering scale through social.    Spin Brands work with 100's of brands including the likes of LVMH, Tango, Funky Pigeon, Google and LoveHoney - ranging from strategy and creative to organic, ambassador and paid.    What they're doing is clearly working. The agency recently announced a clien...

Quarter - Fabian Clark & Rohan Radhakrishnan

Oct 27 • 44:59
Cheers to Fabian and Rohan. They run Quarter, a light gin with quarter the alcohol and quarter the calories.    The pair are tapping into the massive boom for no & low alcohol alternatives, driven by people looking to reduce their alcohol consumption and make better choices.    Quarter provides the perfect refreshment without compromise. Why have one when you can have four...

Howbout - Neil Tanna

Oct 14 • 35:58
Say hello to Neil Tanna. He runs Howbout, a socialising app, on a mission to change the way people get together no matter whether it’s a beer, holiday or a zoom get-together. Since they started they’ve made some serious headway raising over 650k, being used in over 40 countries and helping organise over 40,000 events every week. Their aim is to make organising getting toge...

Raye The Store - Nicole Compen

Oct 4 • 28:48
Say hello to Nicole Compen. She runs Raye The Store, a travelling grocery store shining a spotlight on some of the most innovative, up and coming new food, drink and wellness brands.    Raye's current pop-up on the King's Road features &SODA, KYOOT, SOLO, MOTH as well as friends like THIS!, QUBA, NUISANCE and many many more. The carefully curated line up ranges from Kombuc...

Leafage - Kaew (Kay) Suppamas

Aug 27 • 29:43
Introducing Kaew (Kay) Suppamas on the show today. She runs Leafage, a terrarium company on a mission to inspire inner growth by nurturing through nature. Think Patch Plants meets Headspace, selling DIY terrarium kits and doing team building workshops with the likes of Facebook, Slack, Nike & ASOS.    The brand was born in 2017, a year after the tragic loss of her father...

Analogue / &Soda - Barry Darnell

Aug 5 • 45:36
Introducing Barry Darnell for this special mentor edition. He runs one of my favourite studios, Analogue. He also runs one of my favourite drinks brands &Soda.    The studio started very humbly back in 2006 doing posters in Leeds for bars and record labels. Since then they've grown to work with the likes of Nickelodeon, MTV, Universal Records, Portobello Road Gin, Netflix ...

The Up - Hugo Tilmouth

Jul 15 • 32:47
Say hello to Hugo Tilmouth, co-founder of The Up, on a mission to upgrade every hospitality experience.    Now you might not have heard of The Up, but I bet you've most likely used one of their products.    Ever run out of battery in a pub or restaurant? That's Charged Up - their mobile charging power banks, allowing you to charge up on the go.    Ever used the sanitisers ...

Eat Kyoot - Noor Freiha

Jun 23 • 29:58
Say hey to Noor, founder of Eat Kyoot - a super fun, super sustainably all organic, gluten-free, vegan chocolate brand.    So Noor is pretty cool. She's a former chemical engineer with a lifelong chocolate obsession turned chocolate founder. Putting her skills in the lab to work in the kitchen.    But it doesn't stop there she has a mad colourful style that comes to life t...

Unplugged - Hector Hughes

Jun 17 • 28:58
Say hi to Hector Hughes. He co-founded Unplugged back in 2019, on a mission to get people off their phones, spending more time in nature. They're building a network of off-grid cabins and offline experiences across Europe.    Their journey is underpinned by the belief that our constant screen time is putting a heavy cost on our productivity and wellbeing with traditional r...

YPDT x SeedLegals

Jun 11 • 43:30

Introducing Anthony Rose. He founded Seed Legals back in 2016 -  the world’s first legal automation platform for startup funding. They help founders start, raise and grow their business by providing them with all the legals they need to get going. They are now the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK, having helped launch over 20,000 UK startups to market.  ...

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