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You Need A Budget (YNAB)

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A weekly dose of just the right medicine to help you get out of debt, save more money, and beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

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Ask Jesse: How Do I Get Back on the Budget Bandwagon?

Dec 6 • 05:24

Meet the Chief of Side Hustles: Nick Loper

Dec 1 • 30:57

Jesse chats with the Chief Hustler of side hustles, Nick Loper. Nick  has made a living out of side hustles, literally! A serial entrepreneur, Nick started a number of small businesses and side hustles before writing books about his experience and teaching others how to start their own side hustles. He is also an author, with a new book out: $1,000 100 Ways....

Ask Jesse: How to Launder Money... for Christmas?!

Nov 29 • 06:29

Don't Afterpay Your Way Though the Holidays

Nov 24 • 29:41

Watch out credit cards, a new game is in town, and it's waiting to trip up your budget during the holiday season. We're talking about payment plans: sort of like a credit card, sort of not, but definitely loaded with high interest, fees, and confusing terms designed to trip up customers. YNAB has a team dedicated to helping budgeters navigate their way through payment plan...

Ask Jesse: Living Right And It's Not Fair

Nov 22 • 06:41

Jesse answers a concerned parent emailing about their son's college experience. After raising a thoughtful and budget minded son who paid for his first semester of college by working a series of jobs during high school, the parent was dismayed by the extravagant lifestyle and expenses of his classmates. Expensive vacations, clothing, electronics -- many undergraduate stude...

Adapt or Die

Nov 17 • 05:25

Of the Four Rules, is one more important than the others? Is there one rule to rule them all? In the past, Jesse has argued that rules 2-4 are essentially derivatives of Rule One. But perhaps there's another contender -- Rule Three: Roll with the Punches. Life is all about rolling with the punches, adapting to ever-changing stresses and forces in our environments. Budgetin...

Ask Jesse: Should I Sell My Crypto to Pay Off Debt?

Nov 15 • 04:19

Growth After Trauma: Krista St. Germain from The Widowed Mom Podcast

Nov 10 • 22:24

Jesse chats with life coach and podcaster Krista St. Germain, a widowed mother who had to work through waves of grief after her husband unexpectedly passed away five years ago. Krista discusses her journey moving through grief, learning to rewrite the narratives of her guilt, and finding a path to grow after such a traumatic experience....

EP12 Money Stories: Njeri Young Asks "How Do You Want Your Money to Treat You?"

Nov 8 • 27:28

Njeri Young is an avid YNAB user, but she didn't start out that way. In fact, it took her years of stops and starts before she finally gained control over her dollars, learned how to budget, and build a healthy relationship with money. Although some people on the internet make it look easy, Njeri's experience is common, and she has learned many valuable lessons along  her ...

18 Summers: Jim and Jamie Sheils on Building Stronger Families

Nov 3 • 36:12

Jim and Jamie Sheils make a sobering, but important, observation -- we only have 18 summers to spend with our children before they become adults and move off to start their own lives. Jesse chats with Jim and Jamie about how we can spend more time with our children, be more present in our relationships, and manage the most precious and scarce resource of them all: time....

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