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You want to hear a secret? So does Teresa Lee. That’s why she invited comedians to spill the beans to her about something they want to get off their chest.  Whether it’s a story about catfishing a crush, sabotaging a college roommate, or ghosting on an ex - you’ll hear the truth that’s never beenRead more

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Camirin Farmer: I First Masturbated with a Remote Control Car

Dec 1 • 57:38

In this episode, Teresa talks to comedian Camirin Farmer (host of Bong Hits pod) about their first time experimenting with masturbation... with their brother's remote control car. We get into the hilarious story and discuss their discovery of their pansexuality and Teresa shares her own sexual awakening story from doing leg lifts in France. Follow Camirin on Instagram at @...

THANKSGIVING REPLAY: Teresa's Curb Full Story with Jacquis Neal (Congratulations)

Nov 24 • 20:46

Happy Thanksgiving! This week, Teresa replays her story about shooting Curb Your Enthusiasm that recently aired on HBO. In this conversation with Jacquis Neal from the summer, Teresa tells him about her botch-up on set and they hype up each other. Now that the episode has officially aired and the cat's out of the bag, we're replaying this episode so you can catch up on the...

Isis Nicole: I Forged Megabus Tickets For Over a Year

Nov 17 • 55:39

In this episode, Teresa talks to founder and editor-in-chief of The In Mag, Isis Nicole, about how she used to forge Megabus tickets to see her family when she was a broke college student. We get into how she feels about new motherhood, championing BIPOC models and designers in fashion through her zine, and more. Get the latest copy of The In Mag on ...

Ben Roy: I Threw Poop Away To Hide It From a Cute Girl

Nov 10 • 45:20

Ben Roy confesses that he once hid a poop in a trash can when the toilet broke, because he didn't want a cute girl to know it was him. We talk about the insecurities of bathroom waste and play a silly game about dumb tattoos. Trigger warning: The first half of this pod contains conversation about SA, specifically with the catholic church, so please listen with discretion. ...

Marlena Rodriguez: My ADHD Almost Made Me Stop Eating

Nov 3 • 01:00:31

ICONIC CONFESSIONS (Originally Aired: May 2019): Teresa talks to comedian and writer Marlena Rodriguez about how she was diagnosed with adult ADHD and how getting treatment helped her worklife but almost made her stop eating. We discuss what it was like to grow up in a gym, and how body image affects young women even when they're self-aware. ...

Teresa Lee: I Was Born with A Broken Heart

Oct 27 • 51:17

It's Teresa Lee's birthday week, which means solo confession time! This episode, Teresa drops a big personal bomb - she talks about her congenital heart disease and how 2020's pandemic and lockdown brought some repressed PTSD and body trauma back to the surface that she was able to connect through a deep dive into her childhood medical history. She shares the echoes of her...

Shannon Hardy: I Used To Flirt With Ghosts With My Ouija Board

Oct 20 • 44:26

Spooky episode is here! You know we're going to talk ghosts if it's Halloween, and it's a triple threat because we talk flirting, ghosts, and coming out of the bisexual closet. Shannon Hardy confesses she used to flirt with ghosts on her ouija board, and even developed a relationship with a particular female ghost before she came out to herself as queer. Listen to the full...

Raphael Chestang: I Made Counterfeit Bills When I Was Fifteen

Oct 14 • 55:00

It's Spooky Season! Raphael Chestang (Pretty Smart on Netflix, College Humor!) confesses that he momentarily got into making fake bills in high school, just to see if he could! And he could! He quit cold turkey before things got serious, but that didn't stop the secret service from showing up at his house. Listen to the full story to find out what happened! Follow Raphael ...

Brendan Fitzgibbons: I Was On a Bravo Reality Dating Show

Oct 6 • 57:15

Comedian Brendan Fitzgibbons confesses to Teresa that he was almost a Bravolebrity... in 2012 he was lured into going on a date on a Bravo reality show. He shares the horrors of that experience, the secret not-so-reality parts of reality TV, and more. Listen to Brendan's podcast Spiritual Asshole everywhere you get your pods, and follow him at @the_fitzgibbons. Follow this...

Carmen Angelica: I Thought I Caused 9/11 With My Mind

Sep 29 • 55:47

ICONIC CONFESSIONS (Originally Aired: June 2018): Teresa talks to comedian and filmmaker Carmen Angelica about how she believed she caused bad things to happen in the world when she was doing well in life as a child. We discuss the implications of the butterfly effect, how a universe that worked like this would look like, and play a game inspired by Carmen's love of rom co...

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