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Conversations with friends. I'm also including some poems and stories. My time capsule. Typically we listen in order but I promise you the recent episodes that are in Spanish are sweeter lol. @you_be_telling_stories on Instagram.

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Cafecito Time!: La Tuza. Canción popular.

Jul 9 • 07:47
La Tuza, also known as a gopher. This is a kids song from our parent's elementary days. I'll translate later on. Thank you for following, sharing, and subscribing. Hopefully after we process our grief, we will be back with more memories on our timeline. Sigan nos en Instagram:  You_Be_Telling_Stories! Google Libros de primaria de los 80s. I found a lot of PDFs but no actua...

Storytelling time!: Arachne

Apr 8 • 08:37

Cafecito Time!: Sembrando - M.R. Blanco Belmonte

Mar 27 • 04:45
Sembrando - M.R.Blanco Belmonte. "Es una poesía que me recuerda los esfuerzos de mi padre porque siempre lo vi trabajando arduamente sin esperar recompensa de nadie."
Sigan nos en Instagram:  You_Be_Telling_Stories!
This is a poem that reminds him of his father's efforts because he remembers seeing his father do strenuous work with no expectations for rewards. Here is a lin...

Storytelling Time! Hercules

Mar 26 • 07:02

Cafecito Time!: Los Motivos del Lobo- Rubén Darío

Mar 12 • 08:28

Midnight Snack!: Minecraft

Mar 6 • 09:50

Cafecito Time!: Gratia Plena - Amado Nervo

Feb 2 • 01:54
All of my Cafecito Time episodes will be in Spanish. For the first time, my dad allowed me to keep a recording of him reciting one of his favorite poems. Del libro "Cien Poesías Selectas." De editores mexicanos unidos, s.a.. Gratia Plena de Amado Nervo. "Todo en ella encantaba, todo en ella atraía
su mirada, su gesto, su sonrisa, su andar...
El ingenio de Franci...

Storytelling Time!

Nov 16 • 09:26

Break time: Dennisse and I

Nov 15 • 01:03:20
Message from Dennisse: "Hiiii!!

Here are some of the links to resources that have been instrumental to my journey:

Latinx Therapy…?igshid=4th2664qkfec

This group provides therapy services geared toward Latinx, and they often have workshops (such as for those who were parentified, those who deal with abuse, those who are passive in communication, anxiety,...

Story telling time with the kid.

Nov 3 • 17:23

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