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You Are Not Broken


My mission is to empower women to live their best love lives. Combining the power of mind-work, body-science and relationships, I joyously break down the societal barriers that are keeping us from living our best intimate lives. Whether you are young or past menopause, single or in a long-termRead more

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The Sweetness of Venus - A History of the Clitoris

Dec 5 • 38:34
Today I am lucky enough to interview Sarah Chadwick, author of “The Sweetness of Venus”.
She is passionate about sex equality, gender studies, humor and learning.
Her book is dedicated to: “This book is for all those who have a clitoris, or the opportunity to engage with one.”
Why she wrote this book!
You talk about how the clitoris is lost and found and lost and found through...

Tenga Unboxing and Reviews

Dec 1 • 08:56

Tenga reviews...

November Live Podcast Recording Q&A

Nov 28 • 40:07

Penis Size

Nov 24 • 14:28

This is the third in a row episode with my good friend Dr. Hart - - - Penis Size...

Virginity is a Social Construct - The Hymen

Nov 21 • 10:36

Sex While Fat

Nov 17 • 24:24

Physicians get trained to be biased against overweight individuals - that doesn't help us feel great about ourselves which then can translate into the bedroom....

Sexless Marriages, Desire Books and Hormones

Nov 14 • 18:24

We define what low sex and sexless marriages are...

Kink, Consent, and Asking For What You Want

Nov 7 • 26:14

Dr. Sonia Wright joins me today to talk about your sex life....

Anxiety, hormones, self care, sex and menopause

Nov 3 • 43:05
This is an IG live I did with Dr. Keira Barr, holistic dermatologist and expert in midlife transitions and hormones.
We know good sex doesn't exist when we are stressed, anxious and full of cortisol and our sympathetic flight or fright nervous system, but what can we do about it?

We talk about sleep, breathing, hormones, exercise and alcohol.


Send in a voice message: htt...

October live Q&A

Oct 31 • 38:18

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