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Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, a spin off of the Yoga Girl Podcast. In this series, Rachel Brathen, New York Times Bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and international yoga teacher, is offering nuggets of wisdom, guidance and clarity every day of the week. From Make it Happen Monday, to Feel-GoodRead more

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Making A Mind Map of Gratitude

Dec 3 • 05:29

Feeling Grateful for the Present Moment

Dec 2 • 04:46

The beauty of a gratitude practice is that it’s so simple. It can be done here, now. In this moment, what are you most grateful for? Where does your intuition bring you? Whether it’s to something unexpected, something simple, or something complex - take this time to honor it. There is no better time than the present....

A Meditation to Embody the Feeling of Gratitude

Dec 1 • 11:00

What Blessing Do You Take for Granted?

Nov 30 • 09:55

If you have never had to live without something, it can be hard to truly appreciate it. You take it for granted because you don’t have the perspective of life without it. In today’s episode, Rachel shares two journaling prompts that will bring you deeper into gratitude for the big blessings that have always been present in your life. Tune in to begin....

This Week, I Will Count My Blessings

Nov 29 • 09:17

This week on the Yoga Girl Daily podcast, we are getting really intimate with our gratitude. Make a point to shift your energy and awareness to the parts of your life that are really great. Even if you’re going through a hard time, you have an abundance of things to be grateful for. It just may be the hard times when you need to remember that the most. Tune in to begin....

The First Step to Realizing Your Dreams

Nov 26 • 07:15

The Support You Have to Manifest Your Dreams

Nov 25 • 08:19

Happy Thanksgiving! There is no better day for a Thankful Thursday practice. In today’s episode, you will sit in gratitude for the support you have in your life when it comes to manifestation and creation. When do you feel held? In what areas do you experience flow? Don’t forget to be thankful for them today among all your other blessings....

A Meditation into True Mindfulness

Nov 24 • 09:23

Meditation doesn’t have to be a rigid practice. You can incorporate it into your life in any way that works, whether you’re sitting, walking, or even doing chores! In today’s practice, you will anchor into the body however you are right now. It will become a practice in slowing down enough to get to a place of true mindfulness....

What is Holding You Back from Your Dream?

Nov 23 • 07:58

If realizing your dream was easy, it wouldn’t mean as much to you. But it’s not easy - there is probably something that is getting in your way. Is it a lack of time? No support? Financial troubles? Whatever it is, you will figure it out in today’s episode. That’s the first step to getting around it. Tune in to begin....

This Week, I Will Take Action to Turn a Dream into Reality

Nov 22 • 07:14

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