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We are two women who are passionate about body positivity and empowering people. This podcast is an opportunity start the conversation about being fierce. Self Esteem, Image, pressures, fashion, love, sex, feminism and more. Follow us on instagram: @yesandbodypolitics @curvykimchi andRead more

Popular episodes

Ep 608: Body Shaming and The Holidays

Dec 6 • 01:17:17

We are pausing ATA and we're talking about the fall and winter holidays, (all of them). We talk about the things that are challenging or triggering, like having family comment on our bodies and food, or the overwhelming weight loss messaging we expect with the New Year. Join us as we discuss how can you protect yourself, remember your worth and advocate for what you need w...

Ep 607: AITA Eating Disorders & Toxic Traits

Nov 22 • 01:00:47

Am I the asshole body positive edition continues as we talk about toxic behavior during the holiday season. How do you feel about Bill Maher encouraging fat shaming? Do you know toxic relationship trait red flags? Join us as we talk about ARFID, and how people can be cruel around food needs they just don't understand....

Ep 606: AITA Dating A Fat Girl (Ft: @MandaPaints)

Nov 15 • 01:02:45

Am I the asshole body positive edition continues with our special guest Amanda Lee. Join us as we talk about self respect, our need to defend our fat to strangers, the culture of fat phobia, and navigate dating, health and living in joy....

Ep 605: AITA Fat Shamed in a Relationship

Nov 8 • 58:53

Am I the asshole body positive edition continues as we talk a lot about terrible relationships, manipulative situationships, unhealthy marriages and mean siblings. Join us as we remind ourselves of our worth and making sure we are being treasured and cared for as we deserve!...

Ep 604: AITA Do I Need To Tell People I'm Fat?

Nov 1 • 58:19

Am I the asshole body positive edition continues as we navigate self image and how we allow others to dictate our worth. Why do we have to keep proving our worth and choices? Join us as we discuss dating expectations, weight loss challenges, and fat phobic triggering bullies in the work place....

Ep 603: AITA It's Cute When you Can Mind Your Own Body Autonomy

Oct 25 • 01:03:29

Am I the asshole body positive edition continues as we explore why it's important for idiots to keep their opinions to themselves when they can't respect body autonomy. What do you do when someone who is on a body changing journey turns into a projecting hateful activist for weight loss and begins to proselytize? Join us as we have so many feelings and share some responses...

Ep 602: AITA Am I Fat Phobic?

Oct 18 • 01:01:43

Ep 601: Vaxxed, Fat, & Mad

Oct 11 • 58:49

Let's talk about Rebel Wilsons inherent fatphobic comments after weight loss and why it's bad to exploit your fanbase on your way to social climbing. Why do people who lose weight turn into bullies instead of minding their business? Why can't people adore people like they adore and encourage fat bear week?...

EP 515: Why Should I Advocate for Myself?

Aug 9 • 01:13:29

Why is asking for what I need so hard? Can I be ok with making people mad?  Is it better to be agreeable and stifled, or disagreeable and free? Join us as we talk about the risks, vulnerability, and challenges required to live according to your own sense of agency....

EP 514: Am I Bad at Dating?

Aug 2 • 01:07:58

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