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an LA comedy food podcast hosted by a comedy-loving chef and a food-obsessed comedian. joel & karl interview fellow chefs and comics and hold forth on the critical culinary and comedic issues of the day. it's back of house meets back of the room. new episodes every thursday. "Your new favoriteRead more

Popular episodes

Ep. 94- Warm Tito's w/ Little Fish

Dec 1 • 58:55
the boys discuss joel's impending midlife crisis which has turned him into a pinkie ring and colored sunglasses guy, apparently, and karl talks about how once you get a jeroboam of wine it's very hard to go back to a regular size bottle. then the fellas welcome seafood pop-up sensation Little Fish (@littlefish_echopark)to discuss such critical issues as making their home i...

Ep. 93- Japes of Wrath w/ Sydney Kramer

Nov 24 • 01:10:15
the boys discuss the critical reality that a "western" burger shouldn't have onion rings and bbq sauce bc cowboys didn't eat that, they ate beans. therefore it should be a hamburger covered in beans. then, they welcome food producer sydney kramer (@crepesofwrath) to talk about her having the most food tattoos in the game, sage thanksgiving advice, the golden age of food bl...

Ep. 92- Peak Pizza w/ Tommy B

Nov 10 • 57:26
the boys recount a delicious meal they had at the new LA hotspot Horses, which is ably helmed by top-ten guests Liz and Alex, and serves a damn fine basque blood sausage. then the fellas welcome LA pizza prince Tommy B of the great LaSorted's Pizzeria (@lasorteds) to talk about his meteoric rise from pandemic pop-up to pizzamobile to brick and mortar pizza parlor, and how ...

Ep. 91- Pepper Power w/ Randy Liedtke

Nov 3 • 01:00:23
the boys announce that they have reached a pinnacle that all podcasters aspire to: getting free booze, because they have brought on as their first official sponsor the wonderful Fords Gin brand. martinis will surely abound this holiday season of excess, and the fellas discuss the proper way to integrate daytime martinis into your life without ruining your personal and prof...

Ep. 90- From Skokie With Love w/ Liza Treyger

Oct 27 • 01:25:54
the fellas discuss the importance of having a "Cheers"-type situation in your life where you can get drunk with people that know you, the best wedding food, and whether porróns are going mainstream and if America is ready for that. then the boys welcome hilarious comedian and espresso martini enthusiast liza treyger (@glittercheese) to tackle such critical issues as celebr...

Ep. 89- Free Ham w/ Simon Gibson

Oct 20 • 01:05:14
karl is joined by a special guest co-host: the comic, food writer and cook danny palumbo (@palumbros), and the fellas discuss pasta power-rankings, bad food tattoos, and the bold proposition that pancakes are, in fact, a nighttime food. then they are joined by hilarious stand-up comedian simon gibson (@simeygibson) to talk why simon's hometown of portland is a top food and...

Ep. 88- The Boys Are Back In Town w/ Wes Avila

Oct 7 • 01:05:47
our long national nightmare is over! well, one of them. bc Yelling About Pâté has returned after a lengthy, yet well-deserved hiatus. the boys are back, baby, and they're pretty much the same except joel has become a bi-coastal sandwich baron and karl a dirty longhaired hippie. after an examination of the "post"-covid culinary landscape and a prediction that our current sm...

Ep. 87- Bacon is Hack w/ Blair Socci

Feb 13 • 44:18

Ep. 86- PIZZATOPIA w/ David Wilcox

Jan 30 • 01:03:38
the fellas discuss the vibrant landscape of regional food specialties and karl relates his tale of eating 8 chili dogs in albany, and the metaphysical ramifications thereof. then the boys go on-location to one of their favorite spots, Hail Mary, and talk with chef david wilcox about how he went from restaurant ruin to rising from the ashes and creating some of the best piz...

Ep. 85- Stockholm Syndrome w/ Andy Haynes

Jan 10 • 01:05:48
the fellas are back from a long and much-deserved holiday hiatus which was spent mostly eating, because, after all, it's bulking season. they examine the new year before them and lay out their plans, which, again, involve mostly eating. then, the boys are joined by hilarious comedian andy haynes (@imandyhaynes) to discuss groundbreaking savory juul flavors, hallucinogenic ...

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