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Letting creatives be more than just their art. Laugh your ass off, learn about the entertainment industry, hear some life stories. All in (about) an hour. New episodes every Sunday.

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Ep. 69 "Guspy Visits" [May 11, 2021]

Jun 14 • 01:14:03

Ep. 69 “Guspy Visits” [May 11, 2021] Guspy is an artist and songwriter from California. He shares how music became his priority in life and redirected his decisions on where to go and what to do. He describes his love for the organic feeling of creating a song and releasing it for the world, while both combating, and learning to use, the current algorithmic nature of the m...

Ep. 68 “Milian Beatz Visits” [Mar 30, 2021]

May 24 • 58:22

Milian Beatz is a producer and beat-maker from Ukraine. Milian discusses his journey to the States after the loss of his father and the influence that his family and friends had on him to succeed in the music industry. He shares stories of making a name for himself around Los Angeles by working with local rappers before gaining a reputation with artists from coast to coast...

Ep. 67 “Sara Kawai Visits” [Mar 28, 2021]

May 2 • 52:08

Sara Kawai is a Harpist, producer, and brand ambassador for many. Sara started to play the harp at a young age before realizing she had a passion for producing and beatmaking. She discusses her journey of posting harp videos on Tik Tok to now working with Audio Mack and SparkyWTF while performing with artists like 24kGldn, Peach Tree Rascals, and Shordie Shordie. Sara talk...

Ep. 66 “Shawn Tran Visits” [Mar 27, 2021]

Apr 20 • 01:00:35

Shawn Tran is a song producer and owner of the popup coffee shop, Cup of Troy. Shawn talks about working in many aspects of the music industry; producing songs, throwing shows, managing artists, and branding. Especially in regard to his coffee popup, Cup of Troy. He mentions what he has learned from building the brand and maintaining cultural relevancy, while also throwing...

Ep. 65 “Ronnie Quest Visits” [Mar 27, 2021]

Apr 4 • 01:19:10

Ronnie Quest is an artist and artist manager from California. Ronnie discusses the wide variety of music he was raised on and gives background to the history of Dance Hall and Reggaeton in the US. He shares memories of getting into DJing then working with Pure Luxury, all while realizing the true power of clout and All-Access Passes. Ronnie talks about his time at USC and ...

Ep. 64 “Wiznat and GianCarlo Pull Up” [Feb 27, 2021]

Mar 28 • 01:02:46

GianCarlo visits LA to see his documentary on the big screen but, things didn’t go exactly how he had hoped… He tells stories of avoiding children while disc golfing and drinking gas station coffee during his trip. Wiznat talks about his sugar mama and their favorite activities. Plus, he announces the release of his long awaited Nani Plugin. Intro/ Outro: “The Blinders” by...

Ep. 63 “Emmeline Salazar Visits” [Mar 2, 2021]

Mar 21 • 01:03:10

Emmeline Salazar is an artist manager and founder of Sleezehog Presents. Emmeline discusses being inspired by her stepfather to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Being aware of the lack of diversity in the industry, Emmeline joined the “Latinas in Music” to be mentored by like-minded women. She describes the relationships she’s built and the opportunities they...

Ep. 62 “Brittany Min Visits” [Feb 25, 2021]

Mar 7 • 01:27:37
Brittany Min is a visual artist from San Diego. Brittany shares what led her to study both Music Industry and Cognitive Science. Plus, how it encouraged her to focus more on the trifecta of music, visuals, and the effect on the mind. She also points out how the visuals of an atmosphere affect the mood of the people around it. Brittany discusses incorporating faith into her...

Ep. 61 “Shaw00p and Wiznat Pull Up” [Feb 8, 2021]

Mar 1 • 01:05:45
Shaw00p settles the beef with the local coffee shop competitors. The boys share what their Tik Tok algorithm looks like and what that means about them. Wiznat discusses creating a record label to exploit Onlyfans influencers. Xage tells a story of spitting in a vial around some strangers. Shaw00p and Wiznat swap the craziest stories they’ve seen on Reddit. Plus, the boys r...

Ep. 60 “Khi Infinite and Palace Hill Visit” [Feb 9, 2021]

Feb 21 • 53:56
Khi Infinite is an artist and songwriter and is a producer and songwriter. The Virginian artists describe meeting each other in school and starting to make songs together. Khi describes his sound over time, going from rapping to R&B and developing his own style. He explains the value of being multifaceted as an artist and the value of having faith in your team to perform t...

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