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X22 Report is a daily show that will cover issues surrounding the economic collapse. Join me and many others to fight for what is rightfully ours. Website:

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Sean Stone -  The Pedo World Is Deep & Wide, Epstein/Maxwell Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Dec 4 • 52:06

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Ep. 2643 - Key Unlocks The Door Of All Doors (Info), Stone Is The Force That Acts On Info

Dec 4 • 01:13:33

The economy is continuing to deteriorate, the job numbers completely missed, the economist were wrong again. IMF says inflation is just a hump but wants the Fed to raise rates and taper to bring down the economy. DCCC gets slammed by saying fuel prices coming down 2 cents is fantastic. The bitcoin panic is real. The [DS] is struggling, they have now way out so they are mov...

Ep. 2642 - Infiltration Instead Of Invasion, J6 Narrative Collapsing, Nobody Escapes This

Dec 2 • 01:18:23

The [CB] pushed their Great Reset/Green New Deal plan via the pandemic, they put everything in motion to have a controlled economic collapse, now they are caught in their own plan. The people will hold the accountable, this will unite the people.The US was infiltrated from within instead of an invasion, the [DS] knew if they could not remove the weapons from the people the...

Ep. 2641 - 18 U.S. Code § 2385, Advocating Overthrow Of Government,It’s Going To Be Biblical

Dec 2 • 01:19:12

Trump was right again, JP Morgan put out a report and say that gas might hit 10 dollars a gallon. Pete Buttigieg wants everyone to by election because of rising fuel costs, but the electrical plants are driven by coal and natural gas. The [CB] bank narrative is falling apart. The states push back on the Great Reset and Green New deal. The [DS] is now completely exposed, th...

Ep. 2640 - All Three Movies Playing At The Same Time, Justice Marker, Comms Blackout

Dec 1 • 01:27:15

Consumer confidence falls to a 9 month low. Holiday sales are way down for the first time going way back, even cyber Monday sales are down. The majority of the people are rejecting build back better plan. The [CB] is continually trying to put people in certain positions. Trump let's everyone know that the country is being destroyed. The [DS] is panicking, they know nothing...

Ep. 2639 - Trump Challenges The Media On Election Fraud, Big Tech, Fake News Are Being Exposed

Nov 30 • 01:11:36

Trump is continually pointing out how the economy is failing under the Biden administration, the puppet masters are pushing their agenda and it's all going to backfire on them. Hunter paved the way for China to push the green new deal. The [CB] is now ready to bring down the system. The [DS] is struggling, they are losing every single narrative, this will only get worse as...

Rogers & Clark-Audit All 50 States,Decertifying The Election Will Create A Constitutional Road Map

Nov 29 • 01:04:47

Today’s Guests
Senator Wendy Rogers
Clay Clark...

Ep. 2638 - Scavino Message Received, They Have It All, It’s Going To Be Biblical

Nov 29 • 01:08:39

The people believe that the economy is bad and they are blaming it on the Ds, soon it will be the [CB]. The [CB] is now pushing their controlled demolition of the economy, they need a cover story of why the economic system is falling apart, enter omicron. This will fail. The [DS] needs to keep the news clogged with other stories, so they are using omicron to keep the world...

Ep. 2637 - [DS] Prepares For The Info War, America Will Never Fail, A Wonderful Future Lies Ahead

Nov 26 • 01:12:22

The entire economic system has been manipulated to support the [CB] system. People are now seeing through this, the numbers are not making sense to the people. The [CB] is building an army of IRS agents to go after the people. Fed accelerates plan, ready to raiser rates and to taper. The [CB] plan is hitting a brick wall. The [DS] is preparing for a information war. Maxwel...

Bob Kudla-The [DS] Will Push The People To The Edge,The Peoples Next Move Will Destroy Their System

Nov 26 • 26:38

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