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Write Now with Sarah Werner


A podcast for all writers (aspiring to professional) looking to find a healthy work/life/writing balance. Get the encouragement, honest advice, and inspiration you need to pursue your passion and write every day. Recurring themes include books, coffee, rainy days, truth, beauty, lasers, dinosaurs,Read more

Popular episodes

The Bulletproof Writer - WN 140

Oct 8 • 24:08

We're constantly trying to move toward being better writers — but how do we make ourselves bulletproof against life? Is one particular system or another the answer... or is it, as we fear, impossible?...

Taking Down Hustle Culture with Amie McNee - WNP 139

Sep 29 • 45:44

Are you ready to take on the Hustle Culture? Then tune in to this week's episode, where I get to interview fellow podcaster, novelist, and journal enthusiast Amie McNee! Together, we'll talk about transforming the narrative, choosing yourself, and finding your creative stride. Don't miss out!...

Getting Into Flow - WNP 138

Sep 22 • 25:45
Have you ever experienced that magical moment when the words pour from your fingers and send you into a timeless creative zone? That's what I call flow, and this week's episode explores what it is and how to get there.     For show notes, please visit: To support the work I do here at the Write Now podcast, become a patron on Patreon! https://p...

Creative Input & Output - WNP 137

Sep 14 • 27:34
Where do our ideas come from? How intentional are we about curating our input and inspiration — and how does it affect our creative output? Today, we’re exploring different types of creative input and how what we pay attention to affects our art.     For show notes, please visit: To support the work I do here at the Write Now podcast, become a ...

Making Your Own Opportunities - WNP 136

Sep 8 • 22:09

If you've ever wasted time waiting for the perfect creative opportunity to come along, then you need to listen to today's episode! In it, we talk about what it takes to stop waiting for opportunities and start creating our own!...

Too Afraid To Create - WNP 135

Aug 25 • 27:38
Like all creatives, I deal with the fear that comes with producing new things—and I don’t always deal with it well. This fear is the reason I haven't created a solo episode in weeks, and it might just be the reason why you're stuck in a creative rut right now. So tune in, and let's tackle the fear together!   For show notes, please visit: To su...

Creativity & Survival with Charlie Jane Anders - WNP 134

Aug 18 • 42:47

Charlie Jane Anders has a list of publication credits as long as my arm, so you can imagine my excitement when she agreed to let me interview her! Join us as we talk about her new books, her experience writing for TV, her past in journalism, and more!...

Judgment & Acceptance with Rebecca Wiener McGregor - WNP 133

Aug 11 • 31:55

Is your fear preventing you from releasing your creativity into the world? Then you'll want to check out the recent interview with my friend and mentor, Rebecca Wiener McGregor! Rebecca is a transformational hypnotist, love amplifier, and all-around life coach, and she's ready to shed some light on our fears as creators. It's an insightful interview that you shouldn't ignore!...

Doing All The Things with David S. Dear - WNP 132

Aug 3 • 59:06

Have you ever wanted to write an audio drama but didn't know where to begin? Then you need to join me as I interview fellow audio dramatist David S. Dear! David is the creator of A Ninth World Journal, and we discuss everything from plotting an audio drama, where to find inspiration, how to use elements of theater, and more!...

Surviving Burnout with K.B. Wagers - WNP 131

Jul 28 • 46:13

Want to talk about Science Fiction? Then I’ve got the perfect interview for you! Join me as I interview the one and only Kate (K.B.) Wagers, author of the Indranan War trilogy, the Farian War trilogy, and more! It’s a show you won’t want to miss!...

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