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WordPress business specialist Troy Dean featuring Seth Godin, Michael Gerber, Guy Kawasaki, Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Warner, James Schramko, Brian Clark, Ed Dale, Dan Norris and many more.

The WP Elevation podcast is the premier WordPress business podcast. We bring you interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the WordPress industry to help you build a successful WordPressRead more
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Best Episodes

Episode #240 - Annie Wright’s Tips for Using Neuroplasticity to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Dec 1, 2019

" Annie Wright on becoming aware of what messages you’re sending yourself"


If you’ve never heard the term “neuroplasticity” before, this episode of the WP Elevation podcast will change that. Psychotherapist and coach Annie Wright join Troy to explain how negative self-talk and beliefs can affect every aspect of our lives, including our businesses. She breaks down theRead more

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