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Wow If True is a super-serious plunge into what it's like to go viral online, hosted by writers Isabel J. Kim and Amanda Silberling. Every Wednesday, these clout-chasing, D-list internet personalities dissect the week's best memes, interview people who are internet famous, and plot their ownRead more

Popular episodes

32: Corporate Cringe

Nov 24 • 44:51

32: Corporate Cringe...

31: Cult Survivor TikTok (ft. Elizabeth Hunter)

Nov 10 • 43:12

31: Cult Survivor TikTok (ft. Elizabeth Hunter)...

30: Realms of Ruin

Oct 28 • 37:21

Another episode, another deep dive into pointless internet drama. This time, we’re talking about Realms of Ruin, the ill-fated NFT-based publishing project created by six bestselling young adult authors that people hated so much, it got shut down in hours. Plus, Isabel somehow finds a way to mention Supernatural and Homestuck, and Amanda shares her most controversial opini...

29: We are your Bad Art Friend

Oct 13 • 42:02

The internet broke this week — literally, like Facebook went down for six hours. But also figuratively, because Writer Twitter blew up with takes about a New York Times article about a lawsuit between two writers that none of us had previously heard of. Isabel indulges us by using her J.D. to dive into the legal proceedings in the landmark case Dawn v. Sonya (that’s not th...

28: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

Sep 29 • 31:02

Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss is the non-cheugy evil twin of the very cheugy Live, Laugh, Love, so of course, here you go: here’s a full episode unpacking the trifecta of white feminism. We talk about Isabel being a corporate lawyer who says fuck at work, the origin of the term girlboss, and debate whether or not Elizabeth Holmes is a Girlboss....

27: Wow if Olympics!

Sep 15 • 39:58

We happen to have a good ol’ buddy who /competed in the Olympics/, so of course, we had to have her on the show so that we could ask her about the supposed “anti-sex” Olympic beds. Meet Regina Salmons, a real life Olympic Rower who competed for Team USA in the Women’s 8 race! She’s 6’1”, not 6’0”, and she’s here to talk with us about the best Olympics memes from Olympics T...

26: Atoning for our Internet Sins (with Eric Silver)

Sep 1 • 39:11

Isabel is on vacation, so we invited Eric Silver (Multitude, Join the Party) back on the show to fill in! We talk about matzo ball soup, updates in our internet fame quests, Tony Hawk’s blood skateboards, the Mets, internet Yom Kippur, and Mamoswine. ...

25: Let me tell you about Homestuck

Aug 18 • 46:07

We regret to inform you that you have reached the dreaded Homestuck episode. We talk about what it was like to be a Homestuck back in the day, why Isabel thinks Homestuck will be taught in English classes in 50 years, the apparent fraud (?), and buckets (???). ...

24: Tumblr Drama

Aug 4 • 31:16

Tumblr announced a monetization feature and all hell broke loose. Isabel witnessed it on the scene, wading through the Wild West of the internet. Amanda wrote about it and snuck the word “Destiel” into an article, prompting Tumblr to get mad. Just another day in the internet’s wasteland, but what does the backlash against Tumblr Post+ mean for the future of the platform? H...

23: Questions, as well as answers

Jul 21 • 35:08

We take listener questions about our first internet dramas, how we met, forgotten YouTube videos, fanfiction, how to tell if you’re in a social or parasocial relationship, and other things — but somehow, Isabel still teaches us something new about Supernatural, because our show is absolutely cursed. ...

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