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A leadership podcast for a changing world. Host Gautam Mukunda explores what it takes to lead through times of change and crisis — featuring unexpected conversations with global leaders across different fields and industries.

Popular episodes

Inclusive Leadership: Closing the Digital Divide with Ajay Banga and Bhaskar Chakravorti

Aug 31 • 37:53

Today’s increasingly digital world brings with it possibilities to create a more inclusive and accessible global economy. But, unless action is taken to enhance digital inclusion, the world may become more divided than ever before....

Collaborative Intelligence: Leading in the Age of AI with Shawn Bice & Nick Beim

Aug 24 • 37:27

While the benefits of AI are undeniable, it’s not yet clear exactly how it will define the role of tomorrow’s leaders. In this episode, Host Gautam Mukunda speaks with two industry leaders with unique vantage points on how AI is transforming the world around us and redefining the future of leadership....

Operational Leadership: Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare with Dr. Raj Garg and Les Funtleyder

Aug 17 • 34:30

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and most consequential sectors in the United States—but it’s also one of the most complicated. This unique complexity makes it challenging for the operational change and innovation the industry desperately needs in order to better serve citizens....

Leading into the Unknown: Inspiring the Impossible with NASA’s Holly Ridings

Aug 10 • 44:48

Leaders can’t surpass the achievements of the past by sticking to the ways of the past. They must continuously challenge the status quo to inspire teams to break new ground and achieve new possibilities. Few organizations embody this approach to leadership as well as NASA....

Unifying Leadership: Building on Common Ground with Katie Harbath and Michael Slaby

Aug 3 • 37:23

We don’t often think about common ground as a forum for disagreement. But the most productive discourse often requires first identifying a shared set of goals, facts, or ideas. How can today’s leaders help build an environment of mutual understanding, respect, and productive disagreement in an increasingly divisive world? What role do technology and the internet play in he...

Intuitive Leadership: When Every Decision Matters with General Stan McChrystal & Alex Honnold

Jul 27 • 01:03:40

For most leaders, failure is not a matter of life or death. But for some, making life-or-death decisions is part of the job. What can high-risk decision-making teach us about the more ordinary and conventional risk leaders assume every day? What roles do preparation and instinct play in this process? How can leaders become better at conquering a fear of failure in order to...

Good Economics: The Power of Putting People First with Noah Smith and Betsey Stevenson

Jul 20 • 37:43

Today’s shifting economic and political landscape is reshaping the American labor market. But amid all of the change is an opportunity to create a better workforce for the future. What are the forces at play in our current labor market? How will these changes impact employees in the long term? What role should leaders play in creating a workforce that puts its people first?...

Courageous Leadership: The Journey of a Generalist with Reshma Saujani and David Epstein

Jul 13 • 35:45

In a world of specialists, a generalist’s broad range of knowledge and expertise can actually make his or her team much better. But, being a generalist requires grit and courage. The courage to raise your hand, to take chances, and to be confident in your ability to tackle any subject....

The Rise of Responsible Leadership: How CEOs Can Create Change with Mohamad Ali and Cornell William Brooks

Jun 29 • 45:26

Today, business leaders have the power to create positive change. Not just within their organizations, but in society and in the world more broadly....

Presidential Leadership: The Balance of Power with John Dickerson

Jun 22 • 34:59

To lead is to exercise power. And to do it well, one must have expertise and character. Perhaps no one understands this better than the President of the United States of America. What can we learn from the Presidency about how to use power – and when?...

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