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World Changers


Short biographies of the greatest men and women that have ever lived. Come with us as we analyze the lives of people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Abraham Lincoln. Why were these people great? Why did they change the world? Subscribe now to find out! Support this podcast:Read more

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Harriet Tubman

May 28 • 22:49

From a slave that was beaten as a child to the future face of the 20 dollar bill. Harriet Tubman changed the worlds of 100's of enslaved african americans by being the "Moses" of the Underground Railroad.  She was a spy, a cook, a "conductor" and she had a persevering1 spirit like none other we have seen. ...

Nelson Mandela

May 8 • 27:36

How can a man spend half his adult life in prison and still change the world? Enter Nelson Mandela, the courageous political activist that ended apartheid in South Africa and almost lost his life in doing so. There are many men that even with honest intentions are corrupted by power. Nelson is one of the few exceptions and thus a World Changer! #prisoner46664...


Apr 25 • 27:14
Beaten as a child, ugly, bad at school and a loner. Those apparently are the ingredients to the greatest composer of all time. Ludwig Van Beethoven brought music to the same tier as literature and art and even eclipsed, as many would say, the great Mozart. Come with us as we show  you why Beethoven was a world changer. 


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Ghengis Khan

Apr 16 • 24:57

He had 500 wives and has 350 million descendants today! He united the mongols and conquered more land than any man on earth. He seems to be ruthless in one moment and inspired in the next. China, Mongolia, Europe, Middle East and more all had their cultures influenced by this man. He allowed freedom of religion and thus had followers from Christianity to Islam to Buddhism. ...


Mar 27 • 29:10

Nikola Tesla

Mar 21 • 29:59

Karl Marx

Mar 15 • 25:10

He lived a penurious life often forced to cadge money from friends and family. He was an exile who bounced from country to country constantly rejected. He died broke and alone. Yet, his ideas have inspired more change than few others before or after. Follow us as we explore the life of the Prussian born philosopher Karl Marx and what ultimately led to communism. ...


Mar 11 • 31:36

John Quincy Adams

Mar 8 • 33:50


Mar 5 • 27:27

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