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Work, Play, Love with Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas

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Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas are world class professional endurance athletes, authors, speakers, and co-own a nationally distributed food products business called Picky Bars. They also happen to be married, still, and are raising two small children. They use their experience, stories, writing,Read more

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87: Picky Bars and Laird Superfood Update, Racing Stress-Dreams, Sha’Carri Richardson, Diet Culture Lingo, Injured-Partner Activities

Jul 13 • 01:00:51

It’s been a while, and just *a few* things have happened since our last episode. Jesse and Lauren jump on the mic to talk about Laird Superfood acquiring Picky Bars and answer some of your burnin’ Work Play Love questions. They talk about racing stress-dreams, what activities you can do with an injured partner (when you’re sick of watching movies), diet-culture lingo, WADA...

86: Counting Calories, The Return Of Race Season, Spontaneous vs. Responsive Desire, Achieving The “Perfect Weight”

Apr 19 • 01:00:29

Spring has sprung, there’s some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, and race season is starting up again. Everyone’s excited to get back outside and into the world, and the Work Play Love duo sits down to answer your questions about it. They answer questions about counting calories, how to properly wear running shorts (with undies, or without undies…that is the questi...

85: Depression and Communication, Pregnancy and Body Image, Moving In Together, Primary Parenting Strategy, New Business Advice

Mar 29 • 46:25

You know it, we know it, vegetable lasagna knows it—communication is a huge help in finding balance in work, play, and especially love. Lauren and Jesse answer questions about navigating and communicating about depression in a relationship, how to find comfort with your changing body during your first pregnancy, what to think about when moving in with your partner, and how...

84: Not Caring About Speed, Hard Conversations, Short-Term Gains vs. Long-Term Impact, Finding Time for Big Projects

Mar 19 • 01:04:27

Finding that sweet spot between work play and love means checking your relationships with each one! And that’s just what folks are curious about in this episode. When it comes to sport, how do you balance performance (and is it OK not to?!) gains now while considering how it may affect your body and relationship with the sport in the long term? When it comes to relationshi...

83: Valentine's Day Interrupted, Lauren and Jesse Catch Up, Partner's Body Noises, Awkward Dates, V-Day Stories

Mar 17 • 31:49

It's been a while, folks! But Lauren and Jesse reach through the cobwebs in the mic closet and sit down for a (very belated, very special) Valentine's Day episode. Catch up with the WPL duo in everyone's favorite section: What's Going On, where Lauren gives and update on her book, and—probably more importantly—Jesse gives an update on his hernia. Plus, Jesse and Lauren ans...

82: Good Riddance, 2020.

Dec 31 • 01:02:07
Let's face it. 2020 was a really hard year. If it was a Picky Bars flavor, it might be called "Am I Still Eating This?!" Lauren and Jesse sit down to unpack 2020. They answer questions about their biggest athletic accomplishments of the year, depression, pandemic parenting, and more. Plus they talk about the upsides of the year, like the great awakening to the need for rac...

81: Team vs. Individual Training, Intuitive Eating, Kids and Sports

Sep 16 • 49:19

In another “late night” edition of the pod, Lauren and Jesse dive into the important things in life: what is the dumbest thing they’ve fought about in quarantine? When do you wear your race medals in a socially distanced world? What would each of them most likely get arrested for? Is pro runners holding hands while they run…a thing? Plus, the Work Play Love duo answer your...

80: Training Time Vs. Family Time, Primary Parent Responsibilities, Coaching During COVID, Couples And Exercise

Aug 3 • 57:01

You all asked for it, and Lauren and Jesse answer: just what does a “primary parent” do? The Work, Play, Love duo discuss what primary parenting means and share how they divvy up household responsibilities. They also answer questions about how to balance training time and family time when you’re working towards a big goal, what to do if your partner doesn’t share your valu...

79: Eating While Injured, Partner Pace Differences, Marriage Advice, Social Media And Antiracism

Jul 20 • 01:06:25

Jesse and Lauren dust off their microphones and share what they’ve been up to this summer. Lauren’s found a rhythm writing her book and Jesse’s enjoying his new role as “primary parent” (Lauren is, too). Now they’re back in the hot seat to answer your questions about the balance of work, sport, and relationships. The WPL duo hear from an athlete whose eating habits have ch...

78: Retirement, Dream Days, Managing Stress, Privilege, Fueling For Hard Workouts

Jun 1 • 01:05:58

Lauren and Jesse are finally getting used to balancing Work, Play, and Love in…is it year 9 of stay-at-home? They catch up about their past month, including Jesse’s retirement as a triathlete and Lauren’s first race in over a year. They also answer questions about how to deal with high-pressure, high-stress situations, how to fuel when you’re burning a ton of calories duri...

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