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Work On Your Game: Mindset & Mental Toughness


"Dre Baldwin is the Mental Toughness coach you WISH you would have found five years ago!" Work On Your Game: 1) Discipline: Show up day after day to do the work. 2) Confidence: Put yourself out there -- boldly and authentically. 3) Mental Toughness: Continue showing up and putting yourself outRead more

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#2028: The 3 Keys To Instant – And Lasting – Change

Dec 2 • 33:52
Looking to create instant change in your life but don’t know where to start? Then make sure not to miss out on today’s class.

Show Notes:

[07:15] 1) You need a threshold.
[15:46] 2) You need to make a commitment.
[25:10] 3) Create a routine.
[30:25] Recap


Next Steps:

1) Get The Free Books:
The Third Day:
The Mirror Of Motivation: http://MirrorOfMotiva...

#2027: Is Dre Liberal Or Conservative?

Dec 1 • 01:00:03
A lot of my viewers wonder what side of the political spectrum I’m in. Well in today’s class I’ll be answering that question.

Show Notes:

[10:31] 1) The definition of liberal and conservative.
[15:52] 2) The difference between liberals and conservatives.
[53:32] 3) The definition of libertarian.
[54:19] 4) Which group I’m a part of.
[57:39] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
2015: Y...

#2026: "You're Not Listening" – They ARE! Your Communication Just Sucks

Nov 30 • 43:19
Oftentimes when we say this phrase, it’s not that the person isn’t listening, it’s that how you're communicating your message to them doesn't make sense. Let’s fix that in today’s class.

Show Notes:

[06:16] 1) Usually people say this phrase when their point is not being accepted.
[17:55] 2) I never tell somebody that they’re not listening to me.
[25:39] 3) When you feel ...

#2025: How To Increase Your Value To Others

Nov 29 • 34:08
How do you make sure you stand out from everyone else out there, how do you make sure you’re not easily replaceable and how do you distinguish yourself as valuable? Listen up, cause in today’s class I’ll be answering all these questions.

Show Notes:

[09:38] 1) Give people what they want.
[16:44] 2) Be or do something for people that they cannot get anywhere else.
[24:12] ...

#2024: How To Let Go Of Small Things To Grab Bigger Things

Nov 28 • 25:42
One of the saddest things that can happen in your life is setting your goals too low when in reality you could’ve done more. Listen up, cause in today’s class I’ll be talking about how you can really wrap your mind around the concept of letting go of these smaller things so you can move onto bigger and better things.

Show Notes:

[07:39] 1) There is a risk involved in ...

#2023: The Life-Changing 48 Hour Experiment

Nov 27 • 35:14
We all want to change our lives for the better but usually don’t know where to start. I’m here today to tell you that changing your life won’t take as long as you think and this 48 hour experiment will be just what you need to help you out.

Show Notes:

[05:48] 1) We all share in common one internal superpower.
[15:10] 2) Go 48 hours straight with only positive thoughts an...

#2022: 3 Things To Eliminate That Don't Matter

Nov 26 • 28:56
There are things out there that you’re focusing on that actually shouldn’t be focusing on. If you eliminate your need for these things then you can now focus on the things that actually matter and make an impact on your life.

Show Notes:

[09:55] 1) Eliminate your consumption of news.
[16:05] 2) Eliminate any focus you give to other people’s business.
[22:54] 3) Eliminate ...

#2021: How To Develop Thick Skin

Nov 25 • 23:50
You need to understand that not everybody will go along with what you’re saying and some will even despise you for it. That is why you need to develop some thick skin to know how to properly deal with these types of situations.

Show Notes:

[06:03] 1) Take most of other people's actions and words, the same way that other people take your actions and words, with a grain of s...

#2020: Why People "Go Along To Get Along"

Nov 24 • 32:12
We all have our own beliefs and opinions when it comes to certain topics but sometimes maybe it just isn’t worth it to go against the grain and just pretend to believe in what everyone else is believing. Listen up, cause in today’s class I’ll be talking about why some people go along to get along.

Show Notes:

[07:43] 1) This is a hustle.
[16:57] 2) This causes a lot l...

#2019: How (And When) To Call An "Audible"

Nov 23 • 21:57
An audible is when you change your plans on the fly when you realize what you’re working on isn’t going according to plan and in life there will be many moments like these. That is why I want you to listen to today’s class because I’ll be teaching you how and when to call an audible.

Show Notes:

[05:57] 1) Plans are useless but planning is priceless.
[8:06] 2) Marry y...

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