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Work in Progress with Sophia Bush features frank, funny, personal, professional, and sometimes even political conversations with people who inspire Sophia about how they’ve gotten to where they are, and where they think they’re still going. These discussions stem from her "aha" moment of realizingRead more

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Blair Imani

Nov 30 • 01:22:16

Blair Imani is a speaker and writer most well-known for the power and scope of her activism. She joins Sophia on the podcast to talk about her work to uplift voices, stories, and history that have been systemically under-represented or intentionally blocked. They dive into how to consider your sphere of influence, acknowledging people’s humanity, how to write the things th...

Melissa Benoist

Nov 23 • 01:31:15

Today’s guest is an actor, a producer, mental health activist, and even a Superhero--when she’s on set. You know her best as Kara Danvers aka SuperGirl on the CW, it’s Melissa Benoist. Today she joins Sophia to talk about art as a business and art as an expression, how you often end up feeling alive in the hardest times in your life, her experience as SuperGirl and the per...

Anna Musky-Goldwyn

Nov 16 • 01:18:32

Anna Musky-Goldwyn is a writer, social and political activist, and also happens to be the daughter of former WIP guest, actor Tony Goldwyn. Anna joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about growing up in the entertainment industry, what inspired her to get involved in politics, and her mission with Political Playlist. ...

Jamie Varon

Nov 9 • 01:32:48

Jamie Varon is a writer, designer, and influencer whose specialty is defining the line between happiness and ambition--and making the best of both. Jamie joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about the toxicity of hustle culture, the danger of dimming our own light, her journey as a writer, and her upcoming book Radically Content: Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissat...

Carrie Brownstein

Nov 2 • 01:16:23

Carrie Brownstein is a name you probably recognize most from the Emmy- and Peabody-award winning sketch series Portlandia, but she was also a hard rocking riot grrl as a band member of Sleater-Kinney and is a critically acclaimed memoir writer. Carrie joins Sophia on the podcast to talk about having that "fight" in you to survive, the lens through which she views the world...

Lisa Donovan

Oct 26 • 01:03:03

Lisa Donovan is a multi-hyphenated creator who developed The Pattern, one of the most popular apps that only continues to catch the interest of people globally. She joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about being one of the pioneers of YouTube, what it feels like to be seen and understood, and the impact The Pattern is making on people’s lives and how they understand...

Debbie Millman

Oct 21 • 01:39:35

Debbie Millman is a world-class graphic designer and one of the most creative people in business. Debbie joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about how everybody wants to make a difference in some way, the impact of design on our world, and her new book Why Design Matters, on-sale in early 2022!...

Dr. Laurie Santos

Oct 12 • 01:15:18

Today’s guest is bona fide award-winning scientist and one of Popular Science magazine’s “Brilliant 10,” Dr. Laurie Santos. Dr. Laurie Santos joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about how our memory doesn’t remember our resilience, making behavioral changes so that they’ll stick, the course she created and taught at Yale, her podcast The Happiness Lab, and so much more!...

Donovan Taylor Hall

Oct 5 • 01:18:41

Donovan Taylor Hall has been called a ‘world changer,’ a ‘teacher of teaching,’ and even a ‘modern day Mister Rogers.’ He joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about the three skills practice that Donovan teaches his students, the impact our self talk has on us, comparing ourselves to others, and so much more!...

Esther Perel

Sep 28 • 01:11:45

Esther Perel is a bestselling author, multiple-time TedTalk host, and psychotherapist who is widely renowned for her insights on modern relationships. Esther joins Sophia on the podcast today to talk about the quality of our connections, how stories are the bridge to relationships, not being afraid to ask questions, and Esther’s new game called Where Should We Begin. ...

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