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Im a horror narrator on YouTube, and love all things spooky. So.. whether you're sitting around the campfire, on the night shift, or even laying in bed... let my voice soothe your nightmares. Support this podcast:

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3 Scary Christmas Stories | Happy Holidays!

Dec 2 • 26:45

Story 1: I think I'm trapped in a Hallmark movie....

Scary Stories | Does your door have a peephole?

Dec 2 • 07:52

3 Scary Hiking Stories | Vol 1

Dec 2 • 37:20

Story 1: I went Backpacking in a National Park, I don't think I'll ever go back....

NXIVM: Pyramid Scheme Turned Cult

Dec 2 • 23:05

Today we dive into  NXIVM, it is a self-proclaimed American multi-level marketing company based in Clifton Park, New York, a suburb of Albany, which has offered personal and professional development seminars through its "Executive Success Programs" of large-group awareness training. The company has been widely described as a cult, and was shown in court to have been a recr...

3 Scary Security Guard Stories | Vol 3

Dec 2 • 31:12

Story 1: 9 Rules for the Security Guard on Halloween Night at the Cemetery  ...

Scary Stories | I Traded A Pencil For An Item That Should Not Exist

Nov 24 • 27:47

5 Dark Web Stories #15 | Deep Web

Nov 24 • 29:21

Story 1: I Sell Mystery Boxes on the Deep Web  ...

3 Scary Skinwalker Encounters | Vol 4

Nov 24 • 23:22

Story 1: Skin-Walker in The Woods  ...

Scary Stories | My Relationship Is Made Of Three Parts: Me, My Boyfriend, And His Demon.

Nov 23 • 11:47

Story 1: My relationship is made of three parts: me, my boyfriend, and his demon.  ...

3 Scary Deathly Encounters | Vol. 2

Nov 23 • 30:39

Story 1: Something Murdered Me In Every One Of My Past Lives  ...

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