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The Wine Enthusiast Podcast takes you on a tantalizing trip into the world of wine, beer and spirits. Drink up engaging, behind-the-scenes stories reported and recorded by Wine Enthusiast’s editors. In each episode, we explore emerging trends, provide educational tidbits, and introduce you to theRead more

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Episode 103: A Look at Festive Drinks for the Holiday Season

Nov 24 • 31:13

What makes a drink festive? What makes it unique, or holiday-worthy? Is it the ingredients? The history? The people you enjoy it with?...

Episode 102: When the Worlds of Wine and Beer Collide

Nov 10 • 37:21

Producers being known for just one thing is rapidly becoming a dated concept. “Beverage companies” is the new “it” term. While breweries diversifying their drink portfolios have become quite common, wine production is also finding a place in this new mixed-up world of wonder....

Episode 101: Aromatic White Wines from California's Central Coast

Oct 27 • 38:21

In this episode, we explore the world of aromatic white wines from California's Central Coast....

Episode 100: 100 Wines for Our 100th Episode

Oct 13 • 28:56

In honor of making it to our 100th episode, we have something special in store: We turned to some of our most opinionated staff editors to collect 100 recommendations for wines we love....

Episode 99: Get Your Wine On in a Virtual Space (40 Under 40 of 2021 Series - Part 3)

Sep 29 • 35:30

While we all love getting out and about, the past year has forced us to rethink the communal status quo and consider how we can connect without being in the same physical space. Enter the internet and all of the possibility it holds to create virtual gathering spaces for a variety of needs, including sharing a glass and building your wine community online. In this episode,...

Episode 98: Why is IPA so Unstoppable? (40 Under 40 of 2021 Series - Part 2)

Sep 15 • 46:17

Above all other established styles, all of the trends, all of the brewer wishes, the India pale ale remains the best-selling style in the craft beer space. Why is it so popular and why is it seemingly unstoppable?...

Episode 97: The Power of Social Media in Wine (40 Under 40 of 2021 Series - Part 1)

Sep 1 • 37:47

In this episode, Associate Managing Editor Emily Saladino speaks with 40 Under 40 honorees Shanika Hillocks and Isis Daniel about the role of social media in wine business and culture. What makes for compelling social content in the wine world, and how can wine companies, professionals and casual drinkers better harness the power of Instagram, TikTok and beyond? Hillocks a...

Episode 96: Love Hard Seltzer? Have We Got a Wine for You!

Aug 18 • 26:58

Over the past few years, hard seltzer has taken over the drinks world. Has the bubble burst? Or, is it about to take a different shape?...

Episode 95: There's No Better Time to Drink South African Wine

Aug 4 • 30:48

A lot has happened in the South African wine industry over the past year-plus. Since the start of the global pandemic, it has faced numerous obstacles....

Episode 94: Summer 2021 Outdoor "Entertaining"

Jul 21 • 27:54

With summer in full swing and many eager to return to in-person gatherings, we take a look at how to make summer entertaining extra special this year. In this episode, Associate Managing Editor of Print Layla Schlack talks to two sommeliers about crowd-pleasing bottles that go with anything you might be serving at your barbecue or picnic, as well as what to bust out to mak...

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