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Why Theory


Why Theory brings continental philosophy and psychoanalytic theory together to examine cultural phenomena.

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Nov 27 • 01:14:25


Nov 14 • 01:15:19


Oct 31 • 01:11:52


Oct 17 • 01:19:26
In this episode, Ryan and Todd trace the development of the concept of the superego from Freud's invention of it in the Ego and the Id to Jacques Lacan's development of it through his seminars to Slavoj Zizek's theorizing of it as a political category. They examine the link between superego and social authority, focusing on the role that enjoyment plays in superegoic logic...

Dialectic of Enlightenment

Oct 3 • 01:16:34

Introduction to Biopower

Sep 19 • 01:18:52

Heidegger and Hegel

Sep 5 • 01:14:20
In this episode, Ryan and Todd discuss the philosophical divide between Martin Heidegger and Hegel, taking as their starting point Heidegger's conception of Dasein. They explore the relationship between Dasein and subjectivity, as well as the differing relationships to modernity that each philosopher has. The episode also touches on the theoretical tendencies for Heidegger...

Breaking Bad

Aug 22 • 01:19:45

Twin Peaks The Return

Aug 9 • 01:33:14

Four Discourses

Jul 25 • 01:17:32

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