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Are you struggling to make money wholesaling Real Estate? Would you like to regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Join some of the most successful Real Estate Wholesalers in the country each week as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals!Read more

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WIP 836: Boundaries - 3 Ways to Help Navigate Working with Family Members in Your Business

Dec 8 • 31:42

Working with family members can be advantageous. They’re people you can lean on to have the company’s best interests in mind, and when you reach your business goals, you can share your laurels with them, the people you value most. It adds a practical value, too — if one family member is in a pitfall, someone else can help pick up the slack....

WIP 835: Wholesaling Quicktip - How to Produce a MOUNTAIN of FREE LEADS through Social Media

Dec 7 • 08:19

Social media has made an impact on the real estate market. Now you can effortlessly plug your products and connect with your clients without even paying a single penny! As a result, real estate agents embracing social media can successfully surface as leaders in their field. Indeed, the power of these platforms has been a game-changer in the real estate empire. ...

WIP 834: The Top 3 Ways to Find Deals when Wholesaling in a Virtual Market

Dec 6 • 11:47

There’s a lot of versatility when it comes to the wholesaling business. Changing your market niche doesn’t have to be scary. If you want to make wholesaling your career, there’s plenty of opportunities awaiting you! Thanks to the advent of technology, you can now develop high-quality leads without mingling in person....

WIP 833: Legacy Wealth Alert - From Being Educated with a PhD to Becoming a Real Estate Wholesaler

Dec 3 • 21:07

“In the field of opportunity, it’s plowing time again!”...

WIP 832: From Engineering to a $785k Assignment Fee and a $10 Million Dollar Rental Portfolio…IN 3 YEARS!

Dec 2 • 41:19

Tired of the hectic workload and thinking of transitioning to real-estate full-time? Do you want to learn how to build a $ 10 Million Dollar rental portfolio in just three years? Worry no more because this episode is for you! ...

WIP 831: Wholesaling from an RV - What this Resilient Wholesaler Did to Go from NO DEALS to 9 Pending Contracts

Dec 1 • 21:37

Success is not permanent so is a failure. If you're one of those who are willing to join the real estate industry but don't know where to begin, this episode is for you! Chris is joined with Ryan as they discuss the challenges in doing wholesaling full time. Ryan gave us a glimpse of his backstory about getting into the business and living on an RV. He also shared his jour...

WIP 830: 5 Closing Pitfalls to Avoid in Order to Do More Deals and Make More Money in Your Real Estate Business

Nov 30 • 09:47

There are many challenges in running a successful real estate business, but there are also plenty of opportunities to turn deals into income. The key, though, is to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid falling into certain common pitfalls that can hurt your chances of success. We’ve all experienced losses in our businesses throughout the years. But we pick ourselv...

WIP 829: How to Get a Real Estate Wholesaling Business Off the Ground While Working a Full-time Job

Nov 29 • 14:37

If you've been considering getting into real estate wholesaling, you know it's not the easiest business to get off the ground. But it is possible – and even better – you can do it while juggling a full-time job!...

WIP 828: $37,000 Per Month in Passive Income - Achieving Legacy Wealth Through Land Notes

Nov 26 • 14:40

Have you ever dreamed of living off passive income? What about making over $40,000 a month by simply investing in the earth? Assets such as land notes are a surefire way to invest in the future as it continues to appreciate. The best part is, passive income from land notes can be created from a few dollars investment....

WIP 827: Building the Machine - A Peak Behind the Curtain of an Operation that Closes 30 to 40 Real Estate Wholesale Deals PER MONTH!

Nov 25 • 43:01

If you have been wondering how to find and close large amounts of real estate deals almost every single month, then this podcast is for you!...

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