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Who's Your God? A Comedy and Religion Podcast!

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Who's Your God? is the podcast for whatever the hell you believe in. Comedian and host Amy Miller is joined every week by her co-host John Michael Bond and producer Steve Hernandez to chat with a guest about religion, beliefs, god, and whatever gets them through the day. Who's Your God? is theRead more

Popular episodes

Who's Your God? #205: A Reunion with John Michael Bond!

Oct 18 • 01:05:36

Can you believe we're already back for another final episode? Neither can we! But we got so so many requests over the years to have John Michael back, how could we say no? And it was so nice of him to do it! We had a very excellent time catching up with JMB about his own spiritual, physical, and mental journey over the past few years, and yes we do get an update on his dad...


Sep 29 • 44:55

WYG? #204: Jasmine Ellis

Sep 18 • 01:20:45

WYG? #203: Clara Pluton

Sep 3 • 01:09:15

Well HOT DOG, it's Clara Pluton! (We talked a lot about hot dogs in the episode). Clara is a great comic and person and it was a gift to get to know them better, and hear all about being FRENCH, the drama of Seattle comedy, sex shops, sticky Christian sex activities, being dripped in JEWELS, "Christ Christofferson" and a whole lot more! Also find out what "Steve Sheets" ar...

WYG? #202: Danny Jolles

Aug 20 • 01:30:03

You might know Danny Jolles from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or his excellent stand-up comedy, but WE know him as a wonderful friend and a TRUE mensch! We loved talking to Danny about keeping sane when Covid takes all your work and hope away, getting engaged during a pandemic, growing up Jewish in Virginia, Bar Mitzvahs, telling jokes, and so much more!!...

WYG? #201: Jay Jurden

Aug 16 • 01:18:43

Did you all know that you can make your own SMOOTHIES at home? Well today's guest Jay Jurden taught us that today! Jay is an amazing comedian, writer, and a GREAT person. You can just tell he has a really good mom! Jay really knows the scripture and also REALLY makes us laugh and he will make you laugh TOO!! We got into bisexuality, personal spice levels, losing a parent a...

WYG? #200: Meatball!

Aug 6 • 01:18:03

WOW can you believe that we have done 200 episodes!! And to CELEBRATE we are having on our first drag queen! Criminal that it took this long honestly??? But Meatball is not just a queen, she's also a friend! Unfortunately the interview starts with an extended convo about driving, cars, tires, and scooters. But AFTER THAT, things get a little deeper. We also talk about Cost...

WYG? #199: Jonah Matranga! LIVE from Duke Divinity School!

Jul 30 • 01:44:41

We were so excited to be a part of this annual event for students in ministry. Everyone was very nice to us, even tho we are clearly going to hell. More like summer SIN-stitute! It was such a delight to have Jonah Matranga on the podcast! Jonah is a brilliant musician and writer and we knew he would be just the exact right fit for a discussion about ministry, faith, and th...

WYG? #198: Johnny Pemberton!

Jul 23 • 01:30:53

Well it was pretty easy to find Johnny again, since we are currently spending about 7 hours a day in the car together, but we never grow tired of talking to our friend Johnny! We got to chat about adjusting to touring again, routine, meditation, observing people, being nice, manifesting good in your life, going from hot to cold, accents, and TREES!...

WYG? #197: Kristal Adams!

Jul 16 • 01:12:53

Kristal Adams is such a wonderful person and hilarious comedian, we knew this episode would be a breeze. And after all this time, she still brought up some Christian stuff that Amy and Steve had NEVER thought about! We also talked about getting married during the pandemic, French men, finding and leaving a church, artsy churches vs. trendy churches vs. artsy trendy churche...

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