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Who Hurt You?

Society-and-culture • Comedy • Health-and-fitness

An interview podcast about why we are the way we are by comedian, author and campaigner Sofie Hagen, co-host of Bad People on BBC Sounds and Secret Dinosaur Cult and author of 'Happy Fat'.

Popular episodes

Forensic Psychotherapist Dr Gwen Adshead - Working with murderers, empathy, gender and violence

Nov 24 • 01:02:32

Sofie talks to Dr Gwen Adshead about meeting people in the middle of their stories, attachment, working with violent patients, evil states of mind, shadow sides, cruelty, mistakes, gender, identity, group therapy, life development studies, Broadmoor, and rehabilitation.

Content Warning:  COVID, mental health, postnatal depression, violence, murder, therapy, medicine, prison...

Attorney Rabia Chaudry - The Adnan Case, justice and resilience

Nov 10 • 49:26

Sofie talks to Rabia Chaudry about boundaries, saying no, marriage, shame, courage, Serial, advocacy, podcasts, law school, innocence cases, faith, justice, navigating trolls, true crime, change, activism, and getting religious inspiration from female scholars.

Content Warning:  COVID, criminal justice system, medical system, death, bereavement, therapy, emotional and physi...

Comedian David Morgan - Coming out as nonbinary, rejection and mental health

Oct 27 • 01:05:30

Sofie talks to David Morgan about Magic Mike Live, performing, dating, rejection, heartbreak, charisma, boundaries, coping mechanisms, gender identity, not being a boy, coming out, experimentation, change, comfort, and not knowing left from right.

Content Warning:  COVID, disassociation, social anxiety, sex, sexuality, negative self image, insecurity, addiction, mania, dysl...

Fat Activist Tigress Osborn - Fat parties, questioning the system and The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

Oct 13 • 01:17:59

Sofie talks to Tigress Osborn about race, fat activism, intersectionality, The Fat Underground, books and media that have changed her perspective, NAAFA, The Bay Area, talk shows, fat media representation and fat people dancing.

Content Warning:  COVID, slavery, fatphobia, racism, diet industry, trauma, weight loss surgery

Produced by Dave Pickering

Sofie Hagen online:

Actor Andi Osho - Trusting the world, writing novels and body/mind connection

Sep 29 • 01:06:45

Sofie talks to Andi Osho about writing her novel Asking For A Friend, her relationship with time, being present, inspiration, boundaries, friendship, thinking, acting, dating, letting parents off the hook,  Frozen, and googling 100 words for "said".

Content Warning: trauma, therapy, somatic experience therapy, depression, guilt, absent parents, negative self-worth, overthin...

Fat Activist Aubrey Gordon - Purity activism, fatness and authenticity

Sep 15 • 01:23:39

Sofie talks to Aubrey Gordon about her book What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat, her podcast Maintenance Phase, becoming un-anonymous, talking into microphones, self deception, fucking up hard, consensus based decisions, change, anger, and her childhood bathroom scales.

Content Warning: COVID, fatphobia, diet culture, trauma, discomfort, racism, transphobia, har...

Author Hazel Hayes - Trauma and PTSD recovery

Sep 1 • 01:08:34

Sofie talks to Hazel Hayes about her book Out of Love, mental health, highs and lows, executive dysfunction, therapy, triggers, relationships, trust, communication, telling stories, boundaries, the good stuff, and how trauma is like thrush....

Neuroscientist Dean Burnett - Grief, mental health and brains

Aug 18 • 01:05:13

Sofie talks to Dean Burnett about mental health, brains, uncertainty, emotions, masculinity, crying, science, subjectivity, parenting, processing, awareness campaigns, the somatic marker hypothesis, and the difference between cabins and sheds....

Writer Matilda Ibini - Disability (and fuck the government!)

Aug 4 • 01:07:46

Sofie talks to Matilda Ibini about living with disability, writing, control, guilt, afrofuturism, daydreaming, being present,  navigating the pandemic, "the little things" and Scooby-Doo fanfic....

Anti-Racism Advocate Sophie Williams - Privilege, antiracism and control

Jul 21 • 01:01:44

Sofie talks to Sophie Williams about being an advocate, business, writing books, instagram, the murder of George Floyd, proximity to whiteness, taking 14 years off from chocolate and biscuits, talking to different audiences, the glass cliff and the glass ceiling....

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