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How do I find more motivation? How do I find my purpose? Should I quit my job? What’s my passion? Should I start my own business? The Whiskey & Work Podcast gets to the root of all of these questions. Each episode is refreshingly honest, comically entertaining, and deeply inspiring, leaving youRead more

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How To Manifest Your Dream Home, Job, & Partner {Featuring Julia Martin}

Nov 16 • 01:17:38

Today we are sitting down with manifestation and business coach Julia Martin to talk about the power of… drum roll please... manifesting! If you're not a spiritual believer in this kind of thing, stick with us because I’m a skeptic too. Despite my best efforts to poke holes at what seems woowoo, we discuss scientific evidence that supports turning an envisioned life into r...

Make This "Good List" To Become A Better Parent & Partner

Nov 9 • 15:56

Today we are getting personal. We begin with the stresses of being a parent — especially on Halloween night. In the midst of all this commotion, sometimes we forget the impact of our own words. I reflect on my own love language of words of affirmation and how negative words carry more weight than positive ones. The goal after listening to this episode: start making a “good...

How To Gain More Energy, Love Your Work & Stop Playing Small {Featuring Vicki Abelson}

Oct 26 • 51:33

For all of you women rising in the ranks of your profession, but not feeling fulfilled, for all of you working moms with too much on your or for whatever kind of ambitious worker you are, Vicki Abelson sits down with us this week to remind us to breathe. She teaches us the power of our own energy and outlooks on whatever life may throw at us. Sit back and relax as we dive ...

Patience vs. Perseverance (The #1 Skill You Need To Work On)

Oct 19 • 10:50

Let’s debrief: the pandemic world has been hard. This week I want to focus on what I often have to remind myself: patience. No matter if it’s with your business, kids, partner, etc. we need to remember we are in this for the long game. For those words of affirmation listeners keep reminding yourself: patience sweet *insert your name*, patience. ...

Screw The Commute & Learn To Code With Confidence {Featuring Julia-the-geek-Taylor}

Oct 12 • 49:26

Today we are sitting down with the kindest geek in all the land, Julia Taylor, CEO and founder of GeekPack. Sit down, relax and maybe take some notes as Julia tells us how one google search shifted her whole career trajectory. Julia explains how she centered her business on one core functionality, created her lifestyle and empowers women… all at the same time. ...

How To Take 1-Month Off During The Holidays (Elves & Reindeer Beware)

Oct 5 • 13:45

What we’re talking about......

Rituals & Bio-Hacks For More Productivity & Less Stress (Featuring Harmony Slater)

Sep 7 • 57:09

Take a big breath because this week we are sitting down with one of the few certified Ashtang Yoga instructors, Harmony Slater. Harmony explains the western science behind the eastern healing practices she adopts in her teachings, while also providing us with simple breathwork tips. No matter what career field you are in, this week we are all working to de-stress and give ...

The Emotional Entrepreneur: The Roller Coaster Reality That Comes With Being An Entrepreneur

Aug 17 • 57:24

This week we are sitting down with the great Scout Sobel to dive into how emotions may hold us back as entrepreneurs, but also serve as one of our greatest super powers. That’s right, super power! Scout shares her emotional rollercoasters as a woman living with bipolar disorder and how creativity in the business arena has been transformative for her mental health and life....

The #1 Mindset Shift Parents Can Make To Raise More Loving, Empathetic Kids

Aug 3 • 01:16:47

This week we are sitting down with parenting expert Albiona Rakipi—though she may be skeptical of this title. Among the many insights this week’s episode has in store, Rakipi dives into the strength of listening as a parent, as a spouse and even just as a human being in general. We’ll leave this week with tangible strategies to approach some of the hurdles of parenthood. ...

The #1 Mistake New Business Owners Make (& How To Avoid It)

Jul 20 • 18:05

Hello Hello! In this week’s brief, yet insightful episode, we are going to dive into the most fundamental reason why we started our business: to be helpful! Our businesses should bring us joy and ultimately seek to provide a service to others. However, when we get lost in the many hats we wear, we may forget our main purpose. Let’s take a step back together and reflect wit...

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