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While Black


While Black: A Podcast on Black Excellence with two seriously opinionated hosts bringing you the real and the sometimes raw on anything happening while black.

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Marital Goals (15 Lessons) w / Noble and Kim Evans

Nov 16 • 01:08:25

We are ending our season with a powerful and much-needed episode. (See you in January)...

Divorce Is Not An Option with Noble and Kim Evans

Nov 9 • 01:12:15

Marriage is the bedrock of the black community yet it's often left vulnerable to attack. The family is where we go to recharge and heal but if it doubles as a battleground then where do we rest and build for the battles awaiting us outside....

Introducing Smoke Screen: The Sellout

Nov 2 • 09:30

While Black Family - We will continue our 4 part series featuring guests from small-town Mississippi next week. In the meantime, please enjoy a preview from an amazing podcast we think you will enjoy. Introducing Smoke Screen: The Sellout!...

Content is King w/Kerwin Claiborne

Oct 26 • 53:45

If you ain't building content then what are you doing. Our guest today is internet comedian and stage performer Kerwin Claiborne and without a doubt his perspective is if you are not creating content then you are leaving the bag....and we all want the bag. Today Kerwin joins us to talk how he got started, what motivated him, what scared him, and how he overcame it all to a...

Take The Leap w/Elton Pope

Oct 18 • 49:04

Simply put - Get off your tail end and do it...invest it....create it....GO NOW....

Redemption - Escaped Convict to Deacon w/ Bobby and Cheryl Love

Oct 11 • 01:09:30

From Jim Crow to juvie to a prison break Mr Bobby Love has lived a full and damn near unbelievable life. He was convicted of bank robbery and given a 30 year sentence only to break out after 6 and create not only a new name but an entirely new life. But here is the thing....His wife of 30 years had no idea who he was until the FBI and NYPD came knocking on the front door t...

From Protest To Policy w/Dontaye Carter

Oct 5 • 01:02:35

Is politics a place that black folks belong? Is real change possible through a political platform? Two of the questions we explore with Sandy Springs GA (Atlanta Burb) Mayoral Candidate Dontaye Carter. Dontaye has an incredible ability to convey a thought and communicate the necessity in moving from Protest to Policy and you will be made better by spending the time with hi...

Cross Racial Relationship w/Khalil and Ben from Some of My Best Friends Are.

Sep 28 • 01:03:06

The battles we fight as black people are not won in a silo, they are not won by ourselves, and they are not won without diversity. This episode is all about managing through and winning with cross racial relationships. Two best friends and hosts of the the newPushkin Podcast "Some of My Best Friends Are" (One white and one black) join us to discuss the podcast and how thei...

The Truth About Obesity w/ Dr Jamy Ard

Sep 23 • 01:21:11

Obesity is not as simple as what you put in your mouth. The reality is far more complicated than that and on todays episode Dr Jamy Ard, of Wake Forest, digs in deep and breaks down the realities behind this disease. Obesity is physical, environmental, and even systematic. If you are struggling with the disease or simply desire more factual information about it this is the...

Getting Straight To The Money (Business Tax Structure) w/Dr Shireda Howard (Financial Series 3 of 4)

Sep 15 • 01:35:32

For our entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs this is MANDATORY listening. Dr Howard along with her Masters in accounting, Masters in Taxation, Ph.D. in Accountancy and her Juris doctorate (Not to mention the 8 languages she speaks) are here to make you path to financial business success crystal clear. ...

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