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Where is the Line?

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Some podcasts promise to “spare no details.” Here, we slather on the details. Irreverent and bold with expert research and investigation, this ain't another Wikipedia rundown show. Visit us at

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The Corpse Wranglers of West Alabama

Jun 11 • 53:59

Everyone who listens to this episode of Where is the Line? will die. Your final demise will probably not happen anytime soon and will most certainly have nothing to do with having listened to this episode.  Still, you are all going die.  The fortunate among you may slide into the ether as you sleep, leaving behind a corpse that your friends and family will describe as look...

A Very Disgusting Lady

Apr 1 • 19:10

This is the story of a woman with a disfigured body and an irreparably corrupted mind. It is also a story about our own vanity and how it is reflected back at us every time we encounter someone who looks vastly different from what we consider acceptable. This episode's subject was a physical monstrosity from birth. Was her mind equally malformed from the outset? Or, was he...

Redeeming Robert Liston or: The One with Rachel from Hollywood Crime Scene

Mar 13 • 59:46

As a consumer of macabre and grotesque media, you the listener may believe yourself to be already acquainted with the story of Robert Liston.  Thousands of websites, podcasts, and even peer reviewed academic journals and publications have recounted the fantastic story of an operation performed by Robert Liston which resulted in the deaths of not only his patient, but also ...

Subutai Vs. The Khwarazmian Shah

Feb 26 • 59:45

Everyone makes mistakes. For most of us though, the consequences of our actions fall to ourselves and sometimes to those with whom we associate, but seldom extends beyond.  The residue of our missteps tend to erode away with time, until they are eventually forgotten.  Scars can remain, but over time, we tend to forget how we got them....


Jan 29 • 53:04

Late in the 12th century a young nomadic tribeswoman goes into labor under on the Mongolian Steppe.  Some claim that this woman’s child came into our world gripping in his fist a ball of coagulated blood, foreshadowing the millions of deaths that would soon follow.  Upon his birth, the child was given the name, Timujin.  If that name seems unfamiliar to you, it is probably...

Do Not Pull a Gun on Mike: Our Favorite 911 Call and the Man Behind it

Oct 1 • 42:52

On this episode, we will talk with a man who has been held up at gunpoint on two different occasions.  Both times, he was able to disarm the would-be robbers after repeatedly punching them in the face.  During one of these incidents, Mike dialed 911 moments before striking his assailant with the phone he used to make the call.  On the recording, tones and beeps can be hear...

Feet or: The One Where Kevin Gets His Toe Sucked

Aug 13 • 43:43

The 83 Day Death of Hisashi Ouchi Part2

Aug 1 • 49:38

The 83 Day Death of Hisashi Ouchi Part 1

Jul 14 • 39:21

On September 30th, 1999 a 35 year old man named Hisashi Ouchi was working at the JCO Tokaimura Plant in Tokaimura, Japan.  On this day, he’d been asked to forgo his normal daily responsibilities and assist with a project being conducted at a nearby experimental nuclear reactor.  Shortly after work began a coworker screamed, “Run for your lives!”.  Ouchi darted from the roo...

The Black Vomit Part 3

Jul 2 • 45:12

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