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WhealthCo is a community for women's health. This podcast is a dialogue with doctors, researchers, thought leaders, and pioneers. We discuss topics that are often taboo or not widely discussed. We breakdown tough health concepts from stem cells to the impact of blue light to organic foods toRead more

Popular episodes

Glucose: Your Continuous Marker of Health with Dr. Casey Means

Oct 11 • 01:55:52

Glucose is seen as something that only diabetics need to think about. WRONG! ...

Healing Women's Physical Trauma with Dr. Meghan Helwig

Sep 23 • 01:44:34

Have you ever thought of how you physical trauma (low back pain, headaches, etc.) are linked to emotional trauma? ...

Birth Control's Impact on Your Brain with Sarah Hill, PhD

Sep 9 • 01:11:36

Birth control impacting more than just whether you can have a child?!? Say what!...

Protein Myths and Muscle Medicine for Women with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Sep 4 • 01:04:03

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a Washington University fellowship-trained physician in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics and is board certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation. She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, Vitamin, and Mineral Metabolism at the University of Illinois. Dr. Lyon works closely with the Special Operations Military and has ...

What to do about the Cancer in Our System(s) with Dr. Nasha Winters

Aug 28 • 02:44:01

Get ready to cry, be angry, and want to upgrade your body's and environment's terrain!!!...

Fertility 101 and Preconception Care for Women AND MEN with Dr. Jaclyn Chasse

Aug 24 • 01:29:11

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is a naturopath who graduated from Bastyr University and then proceeded to work in a clinical setting and very quickly ipening up her own clinic focused on fertility and sexual health. She combines clinical practice, lab sciences, extensive teaching and strategic leadership. She’s the President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and sh...

Relationships, Unlearning and Healing Postpartum and Crohn's with Ingrid De La O

Aug 19 • 01:59:09

Ingrid De La O is a mother, and the cofounder and chief product developer of the incredible smoothie brand Tusol. Her story of recovery from postpartum depression and crohn's disease through food is inspiring. She's someone I look up to and who I call when I need the latest tips and tricks on health. ...

The things you didn't know about your cycle with Dr. Fiona McCullough

Aug 16 • 01:26:17

Dr. Fiona McCulloch is a mother, a doctor, an author, and the owner of White Lotus Clinic in Toronto a clinic that specializes in all things for female health. Dr. Fiona is known for her book, 8 Steps to Reverse PCOS. If you are one of the 10% of women who suffer from PCOS, I’d highly recommend you read this book – it’s jampacked full of incredible info....

Light as a Healer 101 with Sarah Turner

Aug 6 • 01:23:22

Sarah Turner is brain and light researcher, and the science manager for a red light therapy company, FlexBeam. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to light, energy, and the brain....

Hormones 101 with Dr. Carrie Jones

Aug 1 • 01:22:52

Dr Carrie Jones (naturopath and medical director of Precision Analytical) and Dasha discuss about the history of women’s research, misinformation in women’s health education, why a healthy cycle is important for our bones and brain health, how circadian rhythm and light entrainment can balance our hormones, xenoestrogens, and what are some of Dr. Carrie’s truths that she w...

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