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29. self confidence is your superpower with Emily Gigliotti

Mar 4 • 48:25

A long awaited episode! This week, I had the absolutely pleasure of sitting down with Emily Gigliotti, host of The Purpose Project podcast, to discuss navigating our self confidence journey. I thoroughly enjoyed our unique perspectives on what makes us feel like our best selves as well as identifying some of our pain points. Overall, I think anybody who is feeling down abo...

28. break up with your job, i'm bored

Feb 25 • 36:58
2021 came in a little too hot and resulted in a sudden career shift. the best part about all of this? it all went down on my BIRTHDAY .... talk about a true quarter life crisis. In this week's episode, I tell you guys all the details behind this sudden change, how I found the job and why it may have just been the sign that I was looking for. While the situation was definit...

27. will you be my quarantine valentine?

Feb 11 • 31:39

As we're entering into the 2021 Valentine's day season it's important to acknowledge that it looks a little different this year. In this episode, we discuss the feelings of celebrating Valentine's day in quarantine and more specifically as a single girl. I also answer some deeply personal we're not really strangers questions because why not unpack your emotions in the name...

26. bachelor relationships are cursed

Jan 28 • 30:35

In this week's episode we're diving into the bachelor franchise and their desperate need of a rebrand. At this point, us normal people are having better luck at love than those casted on the show. I also give my opinion on the Disney channel star drama and updated thoughts on Brigerton. ...

25. complacency gets you nowhere

Jan 21 • 32:44

24. set social media boundaries for yourself

Jan 14 • 30:47

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media and wondering why you still follow that person? Why you continue to see posts from that one girl you had class with 3 years ago? Yeah, me too. In this week's episode I talk about the importance of setting boundaries for yourself on social media. You don't need to follow people that are no longer a part of your lif...

23. 2021, lets do the damn thing!

Jan 7 • 27:32

long time no see! It's been a while, hasn't it? We're starting off the new year with a fresh episode discussing where I've been for the past few months. Did I basically ghost my own podcast? I think so. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy a nice catch up on where I've been, where I'm heading and my 2021 vision board. ...

22. vote and don't be a weirdo

Oct 1 • 31:57

"will you just shut up, man" is the mood for this entire episode. As you all know I've decided to change the format of my podcast so I can be a little bit unhinged. So with that we'll be discussing my fresh thoughts on the "presidential" debate aka the dumpster fire inside of a shit show. I'll be updating you guys on my love like (or lack there of) and reveal some quite co...

21. iOS 14 saved my quarantine

Sep 24 • 27:01

20. dating apps need the tiktok algorithm with Mallory Metz

Sep 17 • 48:20

You may think you're above the dating apps but welcome to 2020 where literally nothing matters. This week I'm accompanied with Mallory Metz, host of the Twenties in Twenty podcast, to discuss life as someone who has actively used dating apps for a little too long. Throughout the episode we will be diving into the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to dating apps. Be...

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