What Would You Do If?

What Would You Do If?

"society & culture", education, science
What Would You Do If? is a silly but informative podcast. Presented by Callum Farmer and Jessica Spencer, it'll answer those "what would you do if?" questions with a bit of fun while we all learn something new.
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Best Episodes

1: What Would You Do If Aliens Attached?

Apr 1, 2019



Ever think about what you’d do if aliens attacked? Every once in a while there’s UFO sightings or news about how aliens exist on Earth. So what do you do if it’s all true? Callum and Jessica want to give you some help in figuring out how you deal with an alien attack. Could happen – you never know!Read more

1: What Would You Do If A Baby Was Choking?

Feb 1, 2021

"What Would You Do If A Baby Was Choking?"



We all know that when it comes to babies, you have to be careful with what you let them put in their mouth. Anything small or dangerous needs to be kept out of reach at all times.But what if you turn your back for a second and your baby tries to swallow something small? This week, we're looking atRead more

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